View Full Version : User made audio drivers and modded video drivers

10-21-2010, 03:46 PM
Hiya gamers!
After months of frustrating problems with the recent nvidia video drivers and soundblaster audio drivers I found a solution at least for the random windows freeze and crash during gameplay.

The problem seems coming from both new audio and video drivers used with old computer hardware but maybe i'm wrong and a lot of people have problems with the recent nvidia drivers mixed with old audigy 2 audio cards.

I tried first each dam nvidia drivers and solved the problem by using a nvidia driver from 2005. I got better performance with the old driver too:confused: but now some new games don't want to work with the old video driver.

Yesterday after some Internet search I found a forum talking about modded drivers for windows.

Here is what I found after some hours: kX Project Audio Driver (For SBLive, EMU APS, Audigy, Audigy2, Audigy4, SB 512, E-mu E-DSP cards)
This driver replace the soundblaster driver and can be modded. I got no problem at all installing this driver after removing the problematic soundblaster driver installation.

I installed the recent nvidia driver and all worked fine after that. Of course there is a problem because of the video driver but now this is not crashing the computer anymore. The audio can start to loop after a time but no crash at all and that can be fixed easily by switching audio device in the game menu.

I installed a modded video driver too but this seems to be the official driver from nvidia with some tweak and not a user made driver so for me that changes nothing. This modded nvidia driver can be found here: http://www.tweakforce.com/
You also have modded ATI drivers from the same guy.

Now I can play all games without problems except the dam Civilisation V. Mass effect 2 still have a rendering problem with the recent nvidia drivers starting after the version 197.45.

I hope that can help someone else.