View Full Version : GoogleTV - Revue review ;p

11-27-2010, 09:19 PM
So I got it for my bday and wanted to give an early review on what it brings to the table, for those who are still iffy.

When it comes to integrating a browser/youtube directly to your TV seamlessly, its perfect.

It's "ok" as a media streamer. Although still in beta, I am having some issues sharing certain folders. Especially my second internal drive on my desktop.

Thats it though.

Seriously. Google TV has nothing else going for it.

HOWEVER, I am treating it like the iPhone. Seeing how the iPhone is now, would you have been able to imagine it the way it is now, back when it first came out?
The apps made the phone. And thats how I see google tv.

Once that app store opens, watch all the goodies come through and even some hacks (jailbreaks, etc)