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I will say this either read the comic book first if you haven't or view everything available online for the background of the characters and the premis of the movie before going.

This is all 12 issues put in a movie that is very long.

I have seen it, I would not recommend the movie to anyone I would either wait for the DVD or a R5 torrent, I wouldn't waste the money to see it if I could do it over. I know they hyped this movie for like a year but I was dissappointed and wanted to see the movies in the previews more then this movie after watching it.

I won't go into anymore detail but if you can't wait and need to see it on the big screen then just know there is a lot of blue guy on screen too much of the blue guy that I would guess most don't want to see.

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I thought it was pretty good, but I will agree that you really need to read the comic to appreciate the movie. There were a LOT of direct quotes, and good character matchings in the film.

The characters they seemed to get right were Roarsarch(sp), Night Owl and the Comedian.

They did Silk Spetre OK, although casting someone that can ACT, but is also that attractive, can do the fight scenes AND is willing to show that much skin is a difficult order. She never made me feel for her, and they did not build up her "connection" enough to make it as profound as it was in the book.

Jon was uninspiring. Not bad, but just not good either.

And Ozy? OMG! He looked like the bastard son of Dana Carvey and David Byrne! His hair was so fake! And what, they had a problem with full circlets? (the last is a minor point, but still....).

I would say the first 3/4 of the movie was great, better when you pick up on things like the bum holding "The End Is Near" sign in the background in a lot of the scenes. But the last 1/4 (45 minutes or so) seemed compressed and did not fit as well.

Certain lines, "Condemn or Condone", just did not sound right in a film. They read really well on the page, but the voice just did not make it seem realistic.

Little things also did not make sense. Letting Night Owl "see" what was happening (I will not go into detail) was stupid. Also, I miss the hacksaw and gasoline!!! ;)

I WOULD recommend seeing the movie, but not for what we paid for it ($12). if you can get it for $8 then it is worth the time (if you read the book). Otherwise, rent it.

It WILL, however, need a wide screen TV and some decent audio to enjoy.

(BTW, I notice a LOT of little things. The prison scene, they had an arc welder in the book, not a saw. The reason he did what he did was to block the lock from being burnt out using the arc welder, which would take less time than cutting the bars. When they panned out, after clearing the way, the guy started sawing the bars...... :p. I am also dissapointed they left out the whole "having to go" discussion that they had in the book while waiting for Roar to get finished in the bathroom... It was just classic, you know?)

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I don't liked this movie at all :p Nice pictures sometimes with a different style but the scenario not worth this production. My 2 cents. :D

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English not being your first language would be a severe deterrent. You need to be able to follow obtuse plot references.

I would recommend you read the book first.

(Also, US history from that time could help things too....)

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BTW, has anyone clicked the link yet?

By reading your posts, I would say NO!

Geez, how many ";)" do I have to put on a post??!?!? :rolleyes:

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BTW, has anyone clicked the link yet?

By reading your posts, I would say NO!

Geez, how many ";)" do I have to put on a post??!?!? :rolleyes:

Yeah, click on the link for gawd's sake and Watch-Out! ;)

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Not clicked the link :D

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I enjoyed it, but I thought it was a bit too long for the format.

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The flik, or the link?

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The flik, or the link?

The Flick. Going to ask my co-worker if I can borrow his watchmen book.

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It will take you a while to read it unless you are a speed reader.

The parts in between the chapters adds a bit to the flavor and background as well.

They also do not see the need to hammer you in the head for some of the plot points (like Silk's mother admitting what was going on... or is that Jupiter, damn I forget).

It also makes you realize why the Frontiersman was important to Roarsarch...