• Time to buy a new gaming mouse?

    Just to make an update after months of use.
    I currently own : Logitech G502, Mionix naos 7000, Logitech G402, MS Intellimouse original from the '90 (my own clean/repair with now a braided cable and new footpad), MS Sculpt mobile, Logitech M500, Logitech MX620 (x2), Logitech LX 7, Logitech LX 3, Corsair M65 also The horrible Dell mouse with the Logitech electronic on board....

    I don't think I found the perfect gaming mouse but I can switch when one don't do the trick.
    I can say that even if the Logitech G502 seems to be the perfect gaming mouse I got many anoying problems with it but nothing that don't have some kind of temporary solution. The 2 side buttons are easily accidentally press-able. This is really anoying in game like GTA 5. Also the top left DPI change buttons can also be accidentally press. I switch to another mouse for that game in that case the M500 or MX620.
    The Intellimouse works great in Moba games even if it is 400 DPI. Great confort and control but sweaty hand after a time. The Intellimouse is great on desktop and card games too with the appropriate acceleration. The clicks on the intellimouse feel always dam right. Not as fast as the G402 (the fastest of the lot) but just enough. The Intellimouse is near perfect for many things until the sweat start. Too bad I need to adjust ingame sensibility for many games because of the 400 DPI.
    The Naos Mionix 7000 has its accidentally press button too. In that case the mouse wheel but no complain for the side buttons so far. I feel the mouse is a bit low on height each time I switch to that mouse. The dam left click release is a bit anoying (that can be just the one I got). The plastic surface of this mouse is fantastic. The mouse feel very nice to the touch and the shape too. It just need a bit of height to fit my hand . Also the mouse software comes with surface detection. Out of the box the mouse is set for hard surfaces like wood but can also fit soft surfaces using the detector.
    I don't use the Corsair M65 mainly because of the large/edgy 'n' short shape other than that very great Laser mouse.
    Because of the reborn of my Intellimouse I don't use the G402 much. I use the Sculpt mobile to play Minecraft on my $99 BestBuy 32GB Windows 10 tablet (Minecraft C++ version only on Windows 10 right now (Microsoft Studio remake).
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