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  • Hello!

    Long time!

    I glanced at a few threads and saw a few familiar names so at least a few of the old timers are still around. => How'd we all get so old? Hopefully a bit wiser too. => I know i'm not, but its fun to pretend.

    Never found another fps to capture my attention like ut99, but I still remember it fondly.

    For those that remember Butt, I regret to say that he is no longer with us. I had stayed in touch w/him off and on, and he seemed in good spirits last i talked to him so either he wasn't forthcoming about his health or it was something sudden. Was drinking and fishing and making music to the end as far as I could tell.

    For those that need a mental nudge to remember which personality went w/the name 'butt', it was from one of his songs that I took the 'beer monster' excerpt for the first sound pack (with his permission of course). He actually went by several names over his time on myunreal, but they almost always had 'butt' in them somewhere. hehe. I think he also went by panctaco or some such for a while. His RL name was J.W. Weir. (can still get his cd, including the beer monster song).

    for those who never knew what he looked like:

    For anyone looking around for me: the only MP games I play these days are League of Legends (as SmegInThePants), the occasional MMO (none at the moment), and Tales of Majeyal (its SP, but has a built in live chat so is kinda communal, or at least it does when the chat server is working, hehe). Monkeypants is still around and a few other old UT names as well. Feel free to add me in lol and hit me up for a game now and then (but i warn you, i am known to play inebriated from time to time, so my skill level varies drastically, so be prepared to play for fun, not necessarily to win, hehe).

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    What's that?

    As we tried a while back with TF2, we found that while we could beat any rag-tag band of casual gamers, we got our arses handed to us by either any organized crew OR by our SO's when we tried to get a devoted game time (hence the logo on Steam!).

    Anywhoo... Good to see you... or read you! Look me up on Steam if you want. I play mostly through it now these days....


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      same name on steam?


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        oh, butt V. i guess he wasn't too mean to die, even thought he was a beer monster. RIP, even if you thought i was a ****face

        so, Smeg, welcome back around. you still chat with a_monkey? you two seemed inseparable back in the day.

        i share your sentiments with UT99 to the point that i'm tempted to find a way to reinstall and play a few times a year. reality is... bots and BS turn me away more frequently than not. i think Firebyrd and Saboteur have had servers they support and/or run up until a year or two ago, so there's still action out there with old souls we used to rip it up with, but without Peter (from BK), raxy (Ataraxy) and one or two others, i doubt i could ever get into it. i really, sincerely loved those guys and miss them dearly.

        UT99 was a pinnacle in my life. i can't express to you the hours of enjoyment i felt and how often playing with everyone at MyU probably saved me in uncountable ways. your voicepacks greatly contributed to that, so i need to send you some thanks as well.

        always good to see an old face that carries warm memories. old age or not, you're not one i'll forget any time soon, bud.
        Where's my redeemer? INCOMING! I'M HIT! I'MA COMIN' BACK!
        Originally posted by Ranshackle
        I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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          ya, still talk to monkey => It was kind of due to him that I checked-in here. I was playing this Blacklight Retribution open beta (its a f2p dm/tdm/dom/ctf/koth game) just 2 days ago I think while in voice chat w/monkey - and this random dude who was owning my face earlier in the day in the same game shows up in this match and I just knew he was gonna own my face again. I suddenly had deja vu and remarked on it. That 'I'm in trouble now' feeling totally reminded me of when Xanth would log in to a UT match. hehe. Hadn't thought about UT in a while and suddenly I was remembering all sorts of UT moments.

          Its *not* like riding a bike i've learned, i'm just happy when I'm not last place nowadays, hehe. Still fun to shoot things though. => I managed to win a dm match. Just once out of like 50 tries, and my opponents were probably 2 year olds, but i was very thrilled. 2 year olds ain't got nothin' on me!

          Still see a few others around the net occasionally too, though many have just slowly fallen off the radar sadly. But such is life. Still, its heartening to see there are familiar names still alive and kicking. => Long live all of us!


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            SITP, ya. Ninjahedge|MyU.

            Just look up MyU on the group list and have a peek. You might find a few more people who still use the same names.....


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              I hate to hear about Butt V. He was like the dirty uncle I never wanted. I've been wondering what happened to all of you. The time doesn't really seem that long until I stop and think, not only is Excel old enough to hit on now but probably married.

              Has Shifty bruised his fake hip?


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                Originally posted by KrimZen View Post
                Has Shifty bruised his fake hip?

                No, but I did....
                When you girls are done kissing, I've got some asskicking for you!


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                  Originally posted by KrimZen View Post
                  The time doesn't really seem that long until I stop and think, not only is Excel old enough to hit on now but probably married.
                  It's funny you mention that; in less than two months, I will be married!


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                    XL getting Married?



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                      It's funny you mention that; in less than two months, I will be married!
                      DAMNIT DAMNIT DAMNIT!

                      Raxy is married now.

                      I'm married... and divorced.

                      What the hell is going on here? I thought gamers were supposed to not have a life?

                      I see Shifty is in the land of the Peach. If you even ****ing remember me, I owe you a beer. Sporty is running around this town last I saw. We could have a party (as long as we're home by 10. Sitters are expensive.