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    The Hammer is in there. So does the translocator.


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      Originally posted by Wes View Post
      The Hammer is in there. So does the translocator.
      Yea, i played CTF earlier. it's in the CFT maps, but not in DM, sadly.

      Wes's server had the teleporter enabled on DM, I loved playing on Wes's server. So many good people. Such good times. I fondly remember a teleporter chase with Shifty. I was amazed at his ability to keep up with me. No one else could.... such good memories. the good old days!


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        Originally posted by Ninjahedge View Post

        Now where's my HAMMAR??!?!
        I wanted to import my Best of Unreal mutator with the classic Hammar. For the model and textures import it is the same as UT3 but for the code everything need to be remade from scratch.
        For the moment GTA 5 online has all my attention since you can create mods too. Maybe one day


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          Pretty good write up over at Tom's Hardware. A group went to play over at Epic and they seem to be very serious which is a good thing.

          Abandon All Hope


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            new unreal engine released:


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              I've been playing it the past couple of months and love it. I get my clock cleaned a lot but once in a while I come out on top.

              It is, as UT99 was, addictive.
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