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Tegra k1 chip released (Shield Tablet nVidia) runs UE4

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  • Tegra k1 chip released (Shield Tablet nVidia) runs UE4

    It is happening.... Nvidia released the first tablet without fan of course more powerful than a ps3 and costing less than an iPad.
    Full HD tablet that can run current PC games and more to come but shipped with the Android Os in it.
    After reading a lot about it I now understand why it is possible to stream PC games and have a good result with this tablet.
    UT4 on tablet? WHy not?
    This can explain also why Microsoft don't want to release the already made 8' next new MS tablets to the public.
    You cannot really compete with that and the marketing cost more than the product itself.
    More tablets and products gonna use this CPU but it seems that nVidia wanted to have exclusivity for the first product.
    I talk about the Shield Tablet not the Shield Portable on the same page using the old tegra 4 cpu.
    GTX650 minimum 660 recommended to stream PC games to these tablets.
    802.11a/g router minimum required 802.11n dual band router is recommended

    Demo of the old Shield portable tegra 4

    Demo of the tablet Shield tegra k1
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    here is some other tegra k1 tablets.
    Tango tablet:
    Xiaomi Mi Pad 7.9 :