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  • LawBreakers

    The new game from Cliff Bleszinski.
    NOw in open Beta on Steam until july 5

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      Eh, it's alright.


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        I have to say it runs really well. Ultra settings, 2k resolution, at hundreds of FPS (i5-7600, gtx 1070). It doesn't look like it's using a lot of effects (DOF, Bokkeh, exc. )


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          It is not bad. It is the Unreal Championship we never got on PC. Of course this is somewhere similar to Unreal Tournament but the gameplay is a bit changed for capture and/or domination. You capture the bot(ball head) at the center of the map and place it in your base and try to hold it until the timer is done.
          You have 3 points for the domination gametype you need to capture and not necessary hold because they lock after a time.
          The third gametype is a capture mode and the ball spawn at the center of the map. You just need to run with the ball at your base capture point.

          You have both melee and guns weapons and each character do different things like in team fortress.
          If the game can be modded this can go big. For example if I can make the game so that everybody can have the same type of character this gonna look very similar to Unreal Tournament.


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            open Beta is back this weekend on Steam.... Everybody can preload the new version right now. The new free open beta start July 28 2017.


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              Lawbreakers is now free to play until the shut down scheduled to 14 Sept 2018.
              Cliff closed the door of his company because of course no one wants to play a free to play game you need to pay to play
              Now the result. Not enough player on the servers. Too many free games. Too many games to play anyway. You cannot dream of game format like that and expect people to pay $30+ for it. That makes no sens. Even Quake Champion is now free claiming they have more players than Lawbreaker. The truth is .. the only players I got on Quake is exactly like the classic Quake and Unreal tournament. Just dam boring Instagib sessions. No way you can play any other mods. Player are voting for the game mod. So there is not many players playing Quake Champions either. Just old school Instagib players. A lot of course with aimbot.
              It is a better idea to play Lawbreaker than Quake.