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  • News Forums are back

    Added bunch of newsfeeds forum. Go to User CP, Group Memberships, to subscribe them.

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    Would be handy (although not vital) to be able to select more than one tag at the same time (To join several, you have to select, then accept, then select again, etc etc).


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      Yea, that's the first thing I've noticed as well when I was joining all the groups.

      On the other hand, how often we would have more than 1 new forum comes out.


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        I can think of two more you could add... How about an "Everybody loves Tensux" forum and an "I laugh at Kicker/Freightliner's jokes" forum?!?!?
        Ha-Ha! Made Ya Read!


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          Well I joined all, and I have to admit... wasn't that bad clicking 5 times. I thought I would almost not make it, but managed to squeeze it out of myself.
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            I like that they don't clutter up the "New Posts" section anymore. That used to be a real pain to have to sift through them!!

            Ooops! Scratch that! I had looked at the "new posts" section before I logged in and they weren't there. Then I logged in and of course they were there!!!
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            Ha-Ha! Made Ya Read!


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              They also trigger the "new post" symbol in the main forum page...

              It would be nice to maybe include those RSS subforums in their own little section/subsection, not "other".....


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                when logged out, you aren't officially subscribed to them it's not till you're logged in that the subscription is obvious.

                you can click the "mark all forums read" on the main forum page, but then that also nukes any non-News posts you've missed. kind of a catch-22. i find the best thing to do is look at the 'new posts' list and read anything that isn't in a News forum, then check it again for recent non-News posts after going through those, then click "mark all forums read".

                but i haven't yet subbed to the News (this time around) so ...
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                  I know what you are saying.

                  i just usually go to the main page, see what forums have the hilighted post graphic, and then go there. Then I see if there is anything there or not.

                  So it is not THAT much of a problem, but it is just dissapointing when you come in and see "help" or "other" in orange only to see that it was something like an RSS feed that triggered it.

                  i think this way that he has it now (with those feeds out on their own) is better. What might work to clean up the main page is to just group those 4 guys into their own "RSS feed" subforum (one listing on the main forum page), but that is up to Wes.