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  • Someone wanted the ACiDPAK

    1S1K sent me a PM several months ago but I apparently had all PM notifications turned off. The message was asking about the old ACiDPAK files, the AcidPackage UAX.

    I tried to link the files here, but its around 3MB and there's a 976K cap on files. I split the archive up, but the forum only accepts the root ZIP file, and not the .z01, .z02 etc trailing files. So hopefully 1S1K has PM notifications or at least tag notifications on and can download this UMOD file before the link expires in 1 week. I thought about hosting it at one of my own sites but ... meh. It's late and I'm old.

    Anyone else feel free to download it if you want. I forgot how to unpack UMOD files to get to the UAX files and other crap, but I suppose if you have UT99 installed (I do, somewhere) you can just double-click the UMOD file.

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    PS - almost forgot - the password is (duh): myunreal

    If you need to extract the internals (thanks, Antonio!):

    If anyone wants all of the old UMODs for WES550, F51, Inoxx and all that other stuff, I've probably got them still. I've managed to keep and transfer data between all of my disk arrays the last two decades and still got a ton of it.

    And holy cow, check out this README!

    This is the ACiDPAK voicepack, made for the Wes550 MyUnreal Server.

    It was spearheaded by ACiDBOX, a regular at 550. He donated many of the sounds, some with his own voice, and got many others to donate some sounds as well. => I put it all together in UnrealEd, and now you have before you, the final result. =>

    Installation and instructions on use are below in the 'installation' section, and instructions on how to bind different keys to different sounds are in the separate document called EditingIni.doc.


    Special thanks to Wes for providing the best UT server around. => Thanks to everyone who sent in wav files or gave suggestions on the Wes550 board (PoopyPants, TurdHat, and everyone else who send in wav files. (I deleted the emails after saving the files so I don't remember who all sent files in! But if you hear a sound you sent me in the voicepack, let me know and I'll add some thanks to ya in this section here). And thanks to the entire 550 crowd, the sole reason that 550 is so fun to play on!

    This is a deathmatch only voicepack! All sounds, in all sections, were put in with deathmatch games in mind. You can use it in any gametype, but the sounds aren't tailored for orders, friendly fire, etc... They are, however, well suited to deathmatch games. Everything from taunts to useful sounds.

    Hooray for variety! Up until now we've only had one voicepack that had much functionality. Now there are 2, and more will come in the future. =>

    This is a male voicepack, so it'll work with any skin that allows you to use the default male1 voicepack.


    1. Unzip the file

    2. Double click the umod

    3. When it asks you where you are installing it (and this is the important part) type in the name of your UT directory, and make sure to get it *exactly* correct. If you misspell the directory name, it'll create a new directory and put the umod stuff there instead, and you won't be able to access it in the game. For most, its c:/UnrealTournament

    4. If you aren't going to be running your own server, and only want to use this on servers that have it installed, you are done. It'll work in single player games now and any server that has it installed.

    B. If You Plan On Running Your Own Server

    1. Using wordpad, open up the file called unrealtournament.ini. Its in the same directory you just copied the .u and .int files to in step 1.

    Scroll down to the [engine.gameengine] section

    add this following line to the end of the section


    That's it, you're done!


    Once installed, start up the game, go to the 'options' menu, choose 'player setup', choose a male1 skin class, then as your voice, choose 'AcidPackage'. Now start a game!

    Inside the game press the letter `V' to get access to the voicemenu, from there just click on the sound you want.

    Under `options' then `preferences' find the `speech binder' button and you'll be able to bind keys to specific sounds. (like binding the letter `w' to `whaaasuuuu' so you can say hi to people who enter the game quickly and easily). If you want to bind more keys than the speech binder menu allows, you can, by editing one of your ini files. This also enables you to have multiple ini files saved in some backup directory somewhere, so that you can switch from voicepack to voicepack and keep your separate key bindings for each, without having to rebind everything each time you switch. See the other text file that came with this voicepack (EditingIni.doc) if you want to know how (its pretty easy. but I'd suggest playing the game with the voicepack for a bit first, so you know which sounds you are going to want to bind a key too first before editing the ini). . =>


    Q. it won't show up as a choice in the player set up window! It seemed to install fine, but I can't choose it!

    A. 1. Make sure the files and AcidPackage.u are in your c:/unrealtournament/system directory. If not, run the umod again, but this time make sure you type in the exact letter for letter (with the right letters capitalized) name of the directory you have unrealtournament in. c:/UnrealTournament is what most people have. Do *not* put 'system' at the end of that, just the base UT directory.

    2. You have to have a male skin chosen for this voicepack to appear as a choice.

    Q. The umod won't even run!

    A. 1. First off, make sure you don't have a corrupted file, try downloading it again.
    2. Your associations for umods have probably been erased, 2 ways to get around or fix this.
    A. This is the easy way, no editing of any files required, but you'll have to do it every time you run a umod. Go get this file: bmit.x=36&submit.y=3

    Its a umod extractor program, makes installing umods a snap.

    B. This is the more difficult way, but will solve the problem in the *long term* so that from now on you'll only have to double click a umod to install it.

    Where's my redeemer? INCOMING! I'M HIT! I'MA COMIN' BACK!
    Originally posted by Ranshackle
    I like Hasselhoff's ass better.