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  • CTF-UTDMT-HouseOfCards

    One of the first maps I ever played online, it had titans on it but only because it was playing CTF/e and not standard CTF... which I didn't know at the time. For those unfamiliar, CTF/e is a mutator that enables titans to join teams if the point spread gets beyond a certain set point.

    But like I said, I didn't know that at the time... so I was disappointed when I eventually got the map and there were no titans anywhere...

    ...until I later learned how to add some.

    2 symmetrical bases, each a built House of Cards inside an underground structure. There are 3 tunnels inside each base that leads into the other base, surrounded by larger halls that encircle the entire space.

    Each team has 2 UTDMT, positioned in the outer halls. Behind each base, also out there, are redeemers... for anyone that wants to fight those titans to get the flag.

    Usual Suspects:
    .u - /system
    .umx - /music
    .unr - /maps
    .utx - /textures

    Have you hugged a Skaarj today?