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World of Warcraft (FREE WEEKEND!!!!!!)

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  • World of Warcraft (FREE WEEKEND!!!!!!)

    It is time to update your old idle characters from 2004 to the new max 60 level universe. The biggest mmo world of all time. It is very fast. All character level has been divided by 3 to make level 60 max possible. So for example a level 60 character is now lvl 20 and a level 100 is 33. Two days left starting at 13h ET 6 november to level to 50 and sell stuff at the auction

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    Sorry, but I will try something less addictive.

    Like Crack.

    Or Scientology.


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      Why I didn't see this thread before! When I was a kid I enjoyed playing WoW. This game is a true legend! I remember how we played with friends and we never got bored of it. Recently, I started to play it again. So nostalgic. But it was really hard for me to achieve the tasks. I contacted guys from wow boost to boost my account. Now It's easier for me to play, and I enjoy the game. You can contact them too if you don't want to waste a lot of time on gaming. They did it all very fast, and it was veeeery cheap.
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