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    Well, small one... how big a server would he need?
    Ha-Ha! Made Ya Read!


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      Sorry to hear about the mess here, but I'm back. And in line with others, I'll be grabbing Rams. Can't have that nutbar back in the swing around here.

      I'll also mention that a format alone does not kill the data on the HD either, so if the data was "killed" by a format, then it's still there and data recovery is possible.
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        Thx everyone. Server is not an issue. We already started using VM to do server nowaday. We already have a big server consolidating many old smaller servers.

        For the hacked server, it's currently still down sitting in the colocation place. I just have to drive down to NYC and take it home and work on the recovery one day.


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          Well, was about to say that I'll be in New Jersey on Monday for a 1.5 day bus. trip if you needed any pieces. So xnay on that I guess.
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            This is what REALLY happened to the forum server!


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              now that my past indiscretions are gone for good, i might start popping in again

              sorry to hear all that wes!
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                THAT CAT HAS HANDS!!!!!



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                  ouch Wes, I'm sorry to hear about this. If you need any help with anything (even tho it's windoze ) let em know. Maybe I can review logs or something for you.
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                    Originally posted by lilith View Post
                    Hey Wes, this is so great you were able to get the sight back up and running!

                    A few ppl mentioned they would help. Maybe we could chip in for a new server. I don't have a lot of money, but I could chip in a little... If everyone sent what they could, even if it's only like $10 or something, it would help, wouldn't it? 40 people, $10 each, = $400 dollars = new server, right?!?!?!?

                    Can you put the PayPal thing back up?

                    Alternately, you could set up a PO Box and we could all send you our old computer parts so you could build one!!! I'd bet collectively we could send supplies for one KILLER server!!!
                    (I would have said that will knock your sox off, but I know how dangerous it is to leave old sox lying around here... LOL)
                    What I was referring to was collecting funds to have the hard drive sent to have the data recoverred professionally so we can get our old posts back. There's a lot of info that was lost, that I would go back to time to time and reference, not to mention all the fun and memories. As NYGrrrl said earlier, she had a hard damaged hard drive that she was able to get data recovered from. We are talking about a hard drive that was only deleted. With my small knowlege of hard drives I know that a professional should be able to recover as much if not all of those posts. Am I wrong in assuming that??


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                      Sorry to hear about the old box being raped.


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                        old or new forum i'm glad to be here.....


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                          Avatars should be working and should have been all this time.

                          Custom profile fields are back.

                          I will try to get the old smiley icons back, but it's going to be a pain in the ass because I custom-made some of them!

                          If you need to look up your previous avatar, see if you can find it in Google. I suggest trying this link, but you can only see the small size image :

                          If that doesn't work, try searching google on 'myunreal' with your username ... then click on the "cached" links below the result description to try and find a thread with your avatar.

                          To get your profile info, search 'cached' links at google for: your-username "view profile" myunreal

                          NOTE: You must use the quotes!

                          I worked out some of the forum formatting also.
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                          Originally posted by Ranshackle
                          I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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                            I forget how the subscription to Dark Alley was setup. I have created the forum, but I need you to handle the permissions setup. I just remember that a user had to subscribe to the forum somehow, but don't remember how it was done.
                            Where's my redeemer? INCOMING! I'M HIT! I'MA COMIN' BACK!
                            Originally posted by Ranshackle
                            I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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                              Wes, I tried to figure out how to get this "Welcome" message at the top of the forum, and I can't figure that one out either

                              Where's my redeemer? INCOMING! I'M HIT! I'MA COMIN' BACK!
                              Originally posted by Ranshackle
                              I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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                                I'm not getting an option to use as avatar.

                                If I remember right you had to have a certain time/post count to get one before. Could be the current setting.
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