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When UT4 or UT201x comes out...

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  • When UT4 or UT201x comes out...

    We will have to get the LOB band back together!!

    (pictured: Pete, Chu, G$ in the background on the organ)

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    It just won't be the same w/o HAMMAR...

    I wonder if they will actually include in-game voice/chat........ Or maybe it is too new a technology for them..


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      are there actually plans to release such a title? can we pleeeeaaassseee have those bastard idiots release UT99 again with all same weapons and physics yet? freaking tards don't seem to get that they had a winner with that one and can't keep their g*damn finger off the eye candy button long enough to recreate it again without all the double-jump/dodge-jump, vehicles, lightning gun and other BS.

      I would still soooo play that game.
      Originally posted by Ranshackle
      I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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        Maybe just a HDUT like what they did with Serious Sam......


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          Are you dreaming/wishing or is there a link where you are reading this?


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              There is no reason for another UT until they release the Unreal engine 4.


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                Why do they need a new engine?

                Every time they have done that it has just been an advertisement for the engine, not the game or the gameplay mechanics.

                They need to take the old game, its pace, its weapons, and refine it. Better models, better HD capabilities for textures and the like, and possibly better user interfaces for the same old things (a better sniper scope with adjustable zoom perhaps?).


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                  Because they make money with the engine and not a cent with UT 3.
                  Since the beginning Unreal is not a great game but just the most advanced game engine and tools to make online shooters. UT is a kind of Quake 3 arena with better network performances and tools. The mods are better than the game itself. All the maps, mods, models made by players and dreaming game devs have made the success of UT. UT2003/2004 was better in all possibilities a game can offers for modding and using advanced physics in a online shooter but our computers was not enough powerful to run the new beast at its best to enjoy the game at the start. Another aspect was most of the new shooters started to use more realistic characters because it was possible and They forgot the fun factor we can have when we play with toons. Killing a toon is not the same as killing real looking characters. That change the face of game not just a little.

                  UT3 was made in the same way as UT2004 and other online war shooters. They changed too much the way mods are made and I don't think a modders wanted to lose one year of their life again to learn how works the new engine just for fun. Also too much new good games was released since ut2003. New maps can keep a game alive when you have no better looking online games on the market but when you have hundred of new games with a better storyline and new stuff to discover this kills any Quake Arena with vehicles.

                  They made UT3 but Gears of war was the new project Epic wanted to do and show. In Gears of War you have all the elements of a real good AAA game but again most PC cannot handle it correctly. Now they want to make games for consoles because at least you know what everyone is going to see and play without crashing or trying to play with a poor 5fps and complaining the game is bad.
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                    Actually, they want consoles for a few things Musc:

                    1. Compatibility. You are right on this.

                    2. Harder to Hak.

                    3. Accessory Sale. People are more likely to buy crap along with the game if they are Console Jockeys.

                    4. Cost. You simply get more money, and possibly less advertising expense from doing a console title (share expense with the base MFR).

                    5. Subscriptions. Live is still $/mo.

                    6. Control. You get to sell every little addon and tweak. Look at how EA does it.

                    One last thing about the engines. I know why they release a new engine and then use UT as a presentation piece, but what I am saying is that, for one round, maybe they should STOP doing that and produce a game on previous engines that is more FUN to play rather than dynamic eye-candy....


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                      Muscat, let me ask you this:

                      How many times has a developer or group made an amazing game just to make a great game, and not for the money? Why is this not possible for a beast of an entity like them?

                      Do you feel that the UT community - the community that helped propel this game into infamy - with all the support we've provided over the years is not worth recreating a classic?

                      I don't want to say "they owe us", I just mean to say ... I feel like we're ready, I feel like it would be an incredibly classy thing for them to do as a way of saying, "here's our roots, here's what inspired our latest creation, here is a thank you to everyone back in the day who helped inspire or make it a reality".

                      But I'm known to be a dreamer that likes to give back to others.
                      Originally posted by Ranshackle
                      I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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                        its a business


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                          all business and no play makes jack a serial killer.
                          Originally posted by Ranshackle
                          I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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                            I do not think that UT99 could be recreated even if they tried.

                            Part of what made the game so charming was the clunky netcode and inaccuracies that resulted from it. If you have not played UT99 for years then load it back up, play multiplayer, and you will see/feel what I mean. It is a big part of what made the gameplay what it was. How they could replicate that I do not know as outdated netcode would seem out of place in a graphically updated version.

                            I certainly would not mind them trying at least though


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                              Originally posted by shifty View Post
                              all business and no play makes jack a serial killer.
                              What a rip.