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  • SWF file help

    I have a program that converts SWF files to movie files.

    However, I'm having a problem viewing said SWF files. Normally, opening them with a web browser would do the trick. Unfortunately not for these. I just get a white background, no matter what size the file is.

    I'm guessing they might be protected somehow and can only be run with the embedded viewer.

    BTW, this is an interactive game from a CD, but the dat folder has nothing but SWF files.

    Anyone have any idea about this?

    FYI - the file structure is extremely simple. Basically, in the root, you have the "runme.exe" program and thats it! No install, no nothing. Just a folder for save states and another folder with all of the SWF files. No tricky business here

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    Can you view the movies using VLC?
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      i was not.
      i also have a plugin for MPC to watch flash files and that didnt work either.
      Even custom SWF viewers failed.

      Either there is some type of protection that says "use this exe file to play me" or it's a corrupt download.

      I'm going to re-download everything to verify.


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        I take it that it didn't come with a sfv file?


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          coincidently, the download was indeed corrupt.
          While the game plays now, i still cant view swf files in a browser. Which makes me think they are still somehow protected, or at least "told" what to be used in.

          For the rare swf i am able to play in a browser, the "controls" dont show up and the same couple of frames loop, not allowing me to go to the next objective. The controls do show up when running the games custom player.

          I downloaded some swf to video converters with the hopes that their program will let me take an interactive walkthrough, but it doesnt look like it.

          I'm stumped. Normally I would just give up and say F it, but the more something is taken away from me, the more i want it lol

          Anyone have any ideas?


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            Buy it?


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              has nothing to do with that.

              normal flash games have the controls embedded in the swf file. All they say is to "jump to here if this is pressed"

              the SWF file has everything in it. Just no control overlay is being shown without the games customer player. Most likely a way not to let the user cheat.

              I wonder if i can see whats going on using macromedia


              maybe I'm over complicating things because I thought it was a "simple" matter of converting SWF's.
              Sine the game lets me hide the control panel anyway and use keyboard commands, maybe I can simply use fraps.

              edit 2:

              aaaaaand so much for that idea lol
              Seems fraps only works in REAL games, not flash based stuff
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                If you don't have adobe suite installed I got a small program at home that will work for ya.

                Check back in 2-3 hours
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                  ok, im game.
                  watcha got?


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                    Even thought it's an FLV player/decoder - it should play your file:

                    If not, the best one that I got and use is Sothink SWF Decompiler:
                    Wales, where the men are men and the sheep are nervous.
                    Incoming fire has right of way