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    Didn't have the green light to buy on Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but I do now. Looking for 6-8 flat panel TV's in the 40" or higher range. They are going to be on 24/7 so no plasma(don't want burn in). Also no super close viewing really necessary, but 1080p would be nice. Best bang/buck...anyone seen anything good lately?
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    Not that I know of any, but what would they be used for?

    Static images? Bright room displays? Animated sequences (especially people).

    Some of the clearest displays also have problems with tracking, wobbling and smearing (I have seen it on many...).

    So just a quickie... general usage?


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      6 will be breakroom TV's for normal viewing. The breakroom is falry large(2000+ square feet) and bright. I'm actually leaning to 32" 720p TV's for these.
      The 2 others will be 50"ish and will be used for displaying messages, playing instructional vids, and normal TV. 1 will be in the big breakroom and the other in a smaller lounge.
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        Plasma is better for bright rooms, but if you play something like CNN or any channel with a banner strip you could get banding/burn in.

        Aside from that, I have not looked much into this recently... Just curious/picking your brain!!


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          My mom has asked my help in getting a new TV - somewhere around a 40" size - that will be used for home viewing.

          Any broad tips as far as technology or brands to look at, or steer away from?

          I'm just getting started on my research so I haven't really looked at much so far.


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            Mid game update....

            Got the TVs and mounts and have asked DirectTV and Dishnetwork for bids. DirectTV returned my calls and have been very attentive to my needs. Dish didn't call back, email, or snailmail. I contacted them a second and even third time and they have done exactly Jack****. Guess who gets the contract for the next 10 years or so....

            As for the TV's, well, I have found that the mounts explicitly state that they should not be hung on metal studs >.< Oh well, we have found another way.

            Got 5 Hanspree 32" TV's for $250 each, and 2 Toshiba 46"ers for $599 each on a holiday deal. They will all do fine for casual TV viewing in our break and exercise rooms, but I played a few vidya games on them and the 32" Hansprees kicked the **** outta the 46" Toshiba's in Crysis, Skyrim, and L4D2.
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              Vice nice! I don't even heard of anyone who uses Dishnetwork any more.


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                Kicked the **** how? Better motion? Better sharpness? What are the model numbers?
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                  The 32" TV's are Hannspree SV32AMUB 32" Class LED HDTV - 720p, 1366 x 768, 16:9, 60Hz, HDMI, Energy Star, and the 46" ones are Toshiba 46G310U 46" LCD HDTV - 1080p, 1920 x 1080, 16:9, 6ms, 120Hz, 50000:1 Dynamic, DynaLight, Native Mode, Gaming Mode, Digital Noise Reduction, Picture Mode. The Hanspree TV had better clarity, brighter colors, better speakers(still not great though) and no ghosting that I could see. the Toshiba just looked washed out and ghosting was evident. I tried all the picture presets on both, and even tried to adjust the 46" to make it look better.
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