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  • SDHC/ AV portables...

    Hey guys, just wondering....

    Have you heard anything about SDHC format developing a 64G card yet?

    I have seen the 32's for less than $100 (Kingston), and players like the Zen X-Fi are up to 32 with an expansion slot....

    My key # right now would be, obviously, 64 (I could fit most of my stuff on the player strait, then any vids on the card).

    Have you heard of any good portable players? (My Archos is nice, but uses a laptop HD and is therefore kind of clunky...). The Zen and the Zen X-fi look really nice, but I do not know bout the interface, compatibility, etc. Zune seems to be a PITA, and Apple can go scratch (Looks like a nice player, but I do not want to deal with proprietary formats and $$$).

    Any suggestions?