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  • Media box?

    OK, I know nothing at all about media storage and play back to the TV so I am going to tell you what I would like to do, what equipment I have, and then you can tell me if I can do it, with what software/hardware. or forgeaboutit.

    I have a Promise SmartNAVI, NS4300N with a 1 terabyte HD. It is plugged into my wireless router. My PC is plugged into the wireless as well. I use it for back-up and file storage. I have a Samsung Blu-ray player with built in WiFi and a program on my PC called "Samsung PC Share". It shares all my videos and pictures on my PC as long as they are in the right format (forgot all it will do)

    I would like to put my 300+ movies on the NAS device and watch them on my TV via the Blu-Ray player software on my PC. I can't seem to get it to be "seen" on the TV when using the Blu-Ray even though I can see the folders on the NAS in the PC Share software on the PC when setting up the shared folders that should show up on the TV, but they don't.

    The other hitch is all my components are in the basement, the TV is up stairs and I control it all with a RF remote (that may or may not be a problem)

    Any help would make a old man happy.

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    i know this isnt too helpful to your question, but i am going to get one of these to replace my media pc

    we use them at work, they have built in wireless, hdmi, spdif and play blu ray nice. they can be mounted onto the back of your pc. i am just trying to find one with a larger hardrive


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      Shifty made me a believer.

      Buy the Raspberry Pi and install Raspbmc on it - $35

      you might have to buy a compatible wireless adapter (mine is hardwired).
      Plays pretty much everything and that means a lot from an anime watcher since fansubbers are always using newer codecs.

      xbmc also scrapes the imdb or other databases to make a nice layout for you to browse your collection

      here is a good view of how it looks. There are many view options (list, thumbs, banners, etc)

      (oh, and you dont need your computer)

      If you have CEC on your TV, your TV remote can control the RPi
      If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can also control it from that via a free app

      Good explanation of the whole thing


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        Define "seen".

        You having network problems or is it a playback problem? Do you see the player on your TV through your machine? Do you have problems with AVI or MKV files? Do you have problems with DVDs or is it only Blu-ray?

        I have HEARD that people had problems with Blu-Ray because of copy protection software and the like... that they would not play and output through certain devices, but I am not sure that is the problem you are having.

        Try the RPi thing that Shift and DA have tried. If if you DO go wrong, it is only $35 (with a cover?)....



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          Seen as not at all. I found out that in order for X-Box to "see" it you have to open port 3053 or was it 3056? I will have to read it again. Anyways, if you don't do that in the router, the x-box won't "see" it on the network. Perhaps this is the same thing. I have not yet tried it and I wonder if the port will work for any device trying to use it or would it be another one, device dependent?. Not worried about the formats yet!
          Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly and for the same reason


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            OK, Thanks for the suggestion of the RPi, sounds cool but I want the bride to able to use it too.

            My Blu Ray player was and pretty much always have acted funky so I went out and bought a new on (Samsung BD E5900) and with their program called "All Share" on my Windows 7 laptop, it acts like (the laptop) as the controller So I pick out whatever media I want, on anything that is on the network, and stream it to the Blu ray player to the TV.
            It works pretty slick and the wife can figure it out! Win! Win!
            Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly and for the same reason


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              Kick, sounds kool, but I would still get the $35 Pi just to see if you can do anything with it (and make it simple enough for a non-tech to use once setup).

              I keep telling myself the same, but I have not done so yet with half the things that I have said the same..... :P