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Babylon search engine!!!!!

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  • Babylon search engine!!!!!


    I have found many that have had this problem after installing this or that (I think this migrated in with the latest Daemon tools install through CNet or the like).

    Just a "search" bar program that takes over your browser and hides itself EVERYWHERE.

    I have looked through what I could, but I am not sure if it will return.

    If anyone has any extermination steps that could be taken that would not involve buying a bunch of software I will use twice, or a complete-re-install, I would greatly appreciate it!

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    Have you tried scanning with Malware Bytes yet? GMER?
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      Tried Mal, but found nothing.

      I don't remember what GMER is.

      I looked around, removed all Babylon and BBLY... strings in the registry, and any references in "program files". I also reset Explorer, and redid the homepage and search in Chrome.

      It does not seem to be there anymore, but I wanted to send the flare up JIC it popped up again.