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  • keylogger?

    I think someone is using my computer at night after I go home from work. Know of any good key loggers? Free? Low Cost? Not easy to detect? I would like to catch them if they are doing it, but I don't want my computer slowed down during the day either...
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    I looked into it before and couldn't find anything that wouldn't trip up the anti-virus, or anything that I felt I could trust.


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      Trust is the big thing. Who in the world would be using it is the big question.
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        havent tested this in a long time, but it got by any anytivirus i had seen at the time


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          Try putting your KB and mouse in a slightly weird place (like mouse off the mousepad).

          Do not be obvious about it.

          If they move, it is either cleaning staff, or someone on your machine.

          You can also do things like check document history and web history....


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            Thanks guys!

            It's either campus police, maintenance or housekeeping. My office is out of the way and door closes so chances of getting caught at night or early morning really slim. Happened before when my office was in another building a few miles away. They were deleting histories but I found porn in my cache. Probably no big deal but it felt really creepy using my computer sometimes. I thought it was a policeman and when I reported it... They sent him to investigate!! It stopped I think but maybe he just started clearing out the cache... I'd like to catch the bastard typing in his/her name or something!!!!

            Anyway, I'll try the one you recommended Ten. I did try kidlogger and like Oak said, it kept tripping the antivirus. And if they're looking at porn etc I don't think shutting that off is such a good idea!

            Thanks again!
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              if keyloggers keep tripping AV, then try using a webcam program.
              If you have a cheap camera, i know there are programs that can make it work on motion detection and send you video or still pics to your email. Depending on the program, it might or might not show up in the task bar.
              If it does show up, a small regedit can hide it You can also have it set up to load on startup.

              Or a web based security system


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                That looks pretty interesting DA. I might try it at home!
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