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Win 7 - File Folder Customization/tagging

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  • Win 7 - File Folder Customization/tagging

    Hey guys,

    Quick tech question. I am looking for a way to tag file folders to allow quick sorting and/or organization w/o having to have a 200 character long name.

    Is there any way to put in things like "site inspection" or "emergency visit" as a tag that you can view and sort to allow you quicker access to what you may want to use as a reference to another project/site?

    Everything I see, even making custom folder icons, seems rather limited with Win 7 as compared to XP.

    The second thing would be custom file graphics. Things like a red icon for an emergency folder would make it stand out when you are looking for a specific incident. Anything that would allow me to change these folders to do this would be greatly appreciated by many.


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    I remember back in the day using alternative file managers, many were free. they just replace windows explorer. A quick search brought up:

    or here's one that claims it lets ya put tags on files, then ya can search for the tags, which sounds like what u were asking for:

    Or quick and dirty: as for references to other projects: if each project is in its own folder, could just simply create shortcuts to every other project(folder) you want to reference.

    So they open up the folder for project X, and they'll see the project X files, but also shortcuts to every other related folder (but only related folders, saving them the need to manually search all folders).

    It would have to be maintained though - every time someone creates a new folder, they create references to related folders, and go to those folders and make reciprical shortcuts. And voila, if its maintained, you have a nice cross reference system in place, just double click to jump.


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      Thats the tough part smeg... This would be for the department itself. Anything that would not be automatic or within W7 to begin with would be difficult to get through IT or through people who are not as technically literate.

      It would just have been nice to be able to call up one of the additional things on the screen, one of the already available "categories" (for instance, "Title" on songs) and input stuff like "site inspection", "emergency call" or some other unified generic classification.

      The second would be the highlighting of the files so that any that was BIG got the special tag w/o having to add some additional text string that would not be seen from a windows-E popup of explorer...

      I am getting the feeling that they may have removed some of these features "for ease of use" :P


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        The attribute options may be different for folders and files, so options like artist may not be available for folder attributes.