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Use E2000 w/dd-wrt for hub?

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  • Use E2000 w/dd-wrt for hub?

    Just looking for a way to set up the old E2000 at work as a link between devices.

    I want to be able to connect my tablet to my phone to (at least) transfer files and sync schedules since we do not have wireless at work.

    Any clue? I tried, but I forgot to turn off bridge and only deactivated that at home. Once I did that, the phone would only connect to the wireless signal that had connection to the internet, so I do not know if it would work at home. I tried doing a direct connection to my work machine, but it was firewalled and would not connect to the IP I know I had set for the router....

    So, long story short, any help would be appreciated!

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    It's not very clear what you're trying to do. You just want to connect your tablet and phone, via wifi, to the router and communicate with each other?

    Any reason you're using dd-wrt and not openwrt?


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      I found my E2000 to be pretty flaky w/DD-WRT, FWIW. I'd probably take ET's suggestion and move to openwrt.
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        What I want to do is bring it into work, plug it in, and make it so I can connect my tablet to my phone through it.

        I can sync my phone to my Exchange account via mobile network, but my tab requires a WiFi. Work will not allow a WiFi to be connected to the net directly, so I want to try to use it as a link between devices to, at the very least, transfer files. At most? Sync would be great (don't think it would be possible, just sitting here thinking about it...)

        Oh, side question.

        My E3000 is getting flaky with its 5GHz connection. I will be 10 feet away and through one wall and get disconnected on my phone. (I will also have to see if it is my phone... ).

        Your call on the best Dual Band routers?

        Lastly: Looking for a good task/project management mobile app that I can use to sync up with Exchange.

        I have a few on there, some link, some tont.

        Evernote and Trello are good, but not good WORK apps. AND they don't sync w/Exchange.
        Any.Do? Meh
        Gtask? OK, but Google Tasks is limited.
        Tasks and notes? OK, and simple. Syncs with Exchange.
        Touchdown? It sets up its own seperate sync and makes my phone double dip with Exchange Services causing my battery to drain fast.

        Anyway, any others, let me know!


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          I've been loving my Netgear R6200. Deos simultaneous transmission of both bands. Quite functional, nice looking and stable. Got it on sale @ Amazon.
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          I like Hasselhoff's ass better.