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  • SAT question

    can anyone help me with the math on this? I have had six 8.2 % of 16 ounce beers, the average bottle of wine is 12% and 26 and 2/3rds ounces, how many bottles of wine would you need to consume as much alcohol as 6 of these beers? Not that I am drunk, lol, . I'm headed for the scotch...but first I'm having another beer, well make that 2, took me a while to post this, 8 of these 8.2% alcohol, content beers, how many bottles of wine?

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    My calculations tell me....

    you've had way too much.


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      For the beer:
      16oz per can of beer * 8.2% alcohol content = 1.312oz of alcohol per can * 6 cans = 7.872 oz alcohol for all six cans

      For the wine:
      26.666 oz per bottle * 12% alcohol content = 3.199 oz alcohol per bottle

      7.872 oz of alcohol (from the beer) / 3.199 oz alcohol per bottle of wine = 2.46 bottles of wine


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        so'k i drove to the hotel and had three 6 ounce shots of scotch (order it in a snifter and the serve it in cognac portions) and i feel just dandy


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          ps sabotuer as usual u dont understand the question, cholr did, but i am too drunk to verify his answers, the question was if i had 8 beers at that alcohol level how many bottles of wine was that the eqiuvelant off?


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            lol. you all have different answers.


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              Sab used 6 cans, Chrol used 8.

              And if you can't do basic math, you shouldn't be driving.


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                That should be on the exam!!!

                But yes, if you had that much beer Ten, you are a hazard, no matter what you might think or feel.

                Not smart man.


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                  I didn't see that he changed it to 8 at the end. Why the h*ll am I doing math for a drunk again?


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                    I had the scotch at the hotel, so all I had to do is find my room. I may have been to drunk to do the math last nite, but I figured one thing out this morning. 18 ounces of straight 80% scotch after eight 8.2% 16 ounce beers = one nice headache in the morning.


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                      The REAL question is how much will you pee!

                      Beer= alot of pee.

                      Wine= some pee.

                      Scotch= hardly any pee.

                      It's the pee factor guys!


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                        I peed like a race horse when I got to the hotel bar, before the scotch, and haven't peed since, that's why scotch messes up my movements, it dehydrates you


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                          Rule of thumb is always 1 to 1.

                          One pint of water for every drink.

                          I know, it's impossible, but whatever.

                          The only drunken buffer I have ever had work is drinking at LEAST 3 pints before going to bed, getting up 2 hours before i need to to walk the "dog", drinking another pint or two (or as many as I can) and taking a tylenol or asperin.

                          I will feel off-center the next day, but at least I will not have that lingering dull headache, nausea, and breath that would melt plastic.


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                            are u telling me how to drink? lol.


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                              I am telling you how to avoid having a hangover.

                              You can drink however the F you want to, through your own arse for all I care!