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Ethernet Router suggestions?

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  • Ethernet Router suggestions?

    Time Warner keeps jacking up the rates on their leased network equipment - now $6 per month - so I'm looking to save some money and give them back their hardware.

    I picked up a refurbished Motorola SB6141 cable modem on Woot during the last Woot-off for $50 ($90 new on NewEgg), so now I just need a router to do firewalling, port forwarding, etc. (The SB6141 is on TW's list of supported modems.) I'm hoping that some of you might have some thoughts/experience to share.

    I've been using a Ubiquiti UniFi AP for about a year now and I love it, so I don't need a router with WiFi built in. (Though looking at the costs, it might still might be the cheaper way to go). I have DHCP and dynamic DNS being served up by a Raspberry Pi so the router won't be performing those functions either (though I think those are pretty standard features too nowadays.)

    My Internet connection speed is currently 30 Mbps so I wouldn't need a router with gigabit ports on it - 100 Mb ports will be just fine. (I have a gig switch for internal networking.)

    These are a couple of the products I'm looking at. These are Ethernet only, but like I said, I'd be open to having a router with WiFi that I didn't use if I can get a better price.
    If I wanted to stay with the Ubiquiti line, I might consider this guy:
    But it has Gig Ethernet, which I don't need and is probably part of why its cost is so much more. Plus it sounds like the interface is powerful but less sophisticated so a lot of the setup would need to be done from its command line interface (and my Cisco days are 15+ years in the past) so getting it set up right might take awhile.

    Here's a WiFi router that looks pretty decent and is pretty inexpensive too:
    Maybe I should just low-ball it, eh?

    Any thoughts appreciated!

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    Now I'm thinking that I might want to go with a router that can run DD-WRT or similar. I've been contemplating signing up with a VPN service (been DMCA'd a few times...), and it sounds like DD-WRT can be configured route some or all of your devices through a VPN provider.

    As I've done some more research, it seems clear that the general consensus is that wired-only routers for consumer-level aren't being produced in significant numbers and that I'd be better off to get a wireless router and turn off the radio.
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      I needed to upgrade my router as well because it was just too slow for today's connection and multitude of devices in the house - imagine that.

      So I bought the big beast Linksys WRT1900AC Dual-Band Wireless-AC Router

      Smashing great so far and the interface for setup and monitoring is wonderful. Love that they have an app that can control it remotely and all.

      I'm constantly using the Hard Drive sharing as well - easy backups and sharing of movies to all my devices and TVs.

      No issues with speed or quality.

      It's also open source ready so you can custom flash it.

      VPN ready too.
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        I ended up going with the ASUS Dual-Band Wireless Router (RT-AC56U).

        I have unboxed it but not much more so far. I'm in the middle of several projects for work and can't spare the time to a) learn to load and configure DD-WRT, and b) be offline while I'm working on getting it set up.

        I'll stay with my TW router for a couple more weeks until the flood ebbs and then give it a crack.

        Now I'm asking myself why I didn't even look at a Ubiquiti router, since I'm so happy with their wireless AP... doh!

        Thanks for the feedback!


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          Tw is the worst in our area Sab. Have you looked into ATT? If fiber is in your area switch!