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  • Time to buy a new gaming mouse?

    Oki oki, time for a new mouse!! not because my actual mouse is dead but because maybe I have too much money in my pocket.
    Seriously my mouse lack of precision and fast response for gaming and because it is a wireless mouse each time I start the microwave nothing works.

    I am ready for the next level and if that can help someone else I'm gonna give you my own review.

    My actual mouse is a Logitech MX620. I have this mouse since many years and everything works flawless. We talk about more than 5 years I think. For me it is a dam great durable wireless mouse if your usb dongle is near the mouse. Use a usb cable or a keyboard with usb port or a usb hubs and that shines really. Any other mice I got before that one broke after 6 months to one year. But now the mice have more precision and can switch DPI just by pressing a button. Great for many things including aiming when zooming in FPS.
    My previous mice were MS Intellimouse, Logitech LX7, MS optical mouse. My 2 or 3 Intellimouses were great at the time but the cable and buttons failed very fast. Intellimouse was great for confort and almost silent click if you compare to many other mice at that time and also today. The logitech MX620 (similar to the actual M500, The old MX400 has the exact same shape and size but both are not wireless) has a better design and the clicks are also not agressive at all.

    I tried many mice at the store and the only one I found very confortable is the MS Scult mobile. LOL. Yes it is a small Bluetooth mouse and I bought one but I am very far for what I want since it is a wireless mouse without side buttons and maybe not good response time and DPI. But this mouse feel great in my hand and it is more silent than any other mouse I owned or tested on this planet.

    I also bought 3 other mice :
    The Logitech G502 -Good: Almost everything is great for the mechanic and options for this mouse. 3 DPI selection, very nice wheel, great buttons placement and more. -The Bad: You need to have your arm completly extended to feel great with the mouse. It is not silent at all but the side buttons noise is not that bad.
    The Steelseries Rival -Good: 2 DPI selection (just enough) on the top of the mouse , Nice silent Wheel, the top buttons are less noisy than the 2 others mice, ajust the color of 2 distinct lights. More confortable even when your arm are not extended. Feel like an Intellimouse which can be good. -The Bad: Side buttons are noisy enough to think it is cheap made. The cable is not braided like the 2 others (good or bad?). The higher part of the mouse is at the back and to be very confortable you need to do the same thing as the G502. Extend your arm at almost max to be far from the mouse.
    The Mad Catz R.A.T. 7 -Good: You can move parts of the left side and back of the mouse but the default is the best position I found. This mouse has almost everything the G502 has. The right click button and side buttons feel great and not noisy at all. The bottom of the mouse and some parts are made of aluminum -The bad: The left click button is as noisy as the one on the G502. Most of the additional parts are useless since only one gonna fit your need. The right click button has some kind of angle. Your third finger got undesirable friction and can break the right click button after a time. -Maybe missing: since this mouse is made to be modded why the hell we cannot change the height of the front of the mouse to make this mouse feel like a MX620 for example?

    If you have any suggestions let me know.

    My next try gonna be the Asus Rog Gladius since almost everything can be replaced easily on this mouse including wire and click switch.

    Mice that share the same front angle as the Logitech MX620 125.5 X 69 X 41.5 (112g): (The arc is exactly like gripping a ball for full sized mice)
    MS Scult mobile (very small but the front angle of the mouse is exactly like the MX620, MX400, M500)
    Logitech corded mouse M500 126 X 69 X 42
    MX 400 performance laser mouse 125.5 X 69 X 41.5 (138g) (discontinued)
    Almost similar:
    MX1000, MX1100 126 X 81 X 46 (the angle is even more pronounced) (discontinued)
    Ventus X 128.8 X 71 X 42.6 (the front angle is less pronounced at the end of the curve, no carved angle for the thumb but very similar shape overall)
    Logitech M705 109 X 71 X 42 (138g) (The mouse is not the same size but the front angle is very similar)

    Somewhere similar (with thumb support and front angle less pronounced. You lose the arc somewhere).
    MX Master
    MX performance
    MX revolution (discontinued)

    Picture of the MX620, MX1100 and VX Revolutionlogicool_mx1100_gaibu08.jpg (discontinued)
    Picture of the MX1000mx1000.jpg (discontinued)
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    Ok I bought another one 1 hr ago. The Logitech G700s. I can confirm the mouse is both wireless and wired which is a big big plus if you know about gaming mice. You have one AA battery and not 2 to make things a bit lighter at least lighter than most wireless mice of this size including my MX620. I can also confirm that you can remove the battery when the mouse is plugged with the usb cable making the mouse lighter and save the life of the rechargeable battery included in the package. Almost the same weight as the G502 but a bit more heavy than the Steelserie Rival. Of course the MS Scult mobile is way lighter than all those mice. This mouse has everything to be the best mouse out there for any use including gaming but let see...
    For now I can't say it is good or bad but the texture of the mouse is very special. It is like abrasive paper. The first time you touch that it does not feel great of course but let see after some time.
    The clicks noise... well ... it is almost identical as the R.A.T. 7. So even if the mouse look a bit like a MX620 it is really not the same components you have inside.

    -The good for now: Both wireless and wired. Comes with 2 wires but not braided and one is an extension. 4 very well placed buttons on the left side. The same wheel system as the G502 wich is flawless. One top button to change DPI like the steelseries rival (but 3 selection). 3 more buttons on the top left of the mouse which makes this mouse one of the top if not the top mouse for button placement for gaming or other use. The wheel look exactly like the MX620 but with a better mechanism inside. -The bad: The mouse is still less confortable in my hand than the MX620. The mouse is a bit larger and higher on the back. The thumb position is elevated like the G502. You don't feel the surface of the table with your thumb like the RAT7 or G502 but they added an angle to push the end of your thumb to reach the side buttons which feel a bit forced to me and if you have a big thumb that make this a real bad idea since your thumb get stuck between the bottom plastic and the buttons but well ... another thing I need to test during more hours. The termination of the usb cable even if its 100% usb and micro usb need to be the logitech one to fit perfectly.
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      The R.A.T. 7 returned to the store today. I have not tested the sensor or even the usb cable and software because the ergonomic part not fit already. The dam angle on the right button hurts too much the free third finger I cannot really recommend using this one but it is a dam cool well made mouse if you don't see that. All RAT mice are similar for this so for me no more R.A.T.S

      I bought the Logitech G602. Yep it is not a wired mouse but what I am doing is trying to find the right mouse exterior design to fit my hand first. The G700s is almost that, the G602 is a bit different because first you don't have that curved left thumb plastic that force your thumb to go up near the left side buttons. YOu have 6 buttons on the side, I think it is better since the top buttons are hard to reach when you are already shooting something. So 2 additional easy reachable buttons on the side. Let's see ....


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        Those mice are very differents. The logitech G502 is almost perfect if you play with your arm extended. I think it is the way to go if you don't want any problems with your back or neck. Wear you glasses if you don't see anything at that distance. -the bad: The mouse clicks are very agressive and noisy. Also the height of your body vs your desk is important to set correctly to not have any stress with your hand extended because your fingers are almost parallel with the desk when using this mouse.

        What I found is you have different specific situations when using those differents designs. Some mice let your thumb free on the desk and the ring and pinky fingers too so when you move your mouse you are limited in the movement and of course at some point you need to raise your mouse to move further. If your mouse is too heavy this not feel right at all. It is why a well made mini mouse that support only 2 fingers is the best way to go in any critical situations.

        So I have mice supporting the thumb but not the ring and pinky finger (G502, G700s), mice supporting only 2 fingers (MX620,MS Scult mobile,steelseries rival) and a mouse supporting 4 fingers (the logitech G602) Only the pinky is free on the desk.
        I think they need to rethink that.
        I seriously think the way to go is all fingers (hand) supported by the mouse with a heavy mouse (the mouse can be as heavy as you want since you don't need to raise it)
        Or a well made lightweight mouse supporting only 2 fingers for gamers. I think you don't have that kind of mice on the market. They make some kind of mice for small hands (mostly asian players) but those mice are often too heavy or/and try too support your hand and not just your fingers.
        A heavy mouse need to support at minimum the thumb and it is what Logitech has done with their recent mice but I seriously think it is not enough since the ring and pinky rub the desk or mouse pad and limit the movement.

        As for the Logitech G602. I seriously think that this mouse design with a total support for the ring and way to add the pinky is the way to go. This mouse feel better in my hand than the G700s mostly because the ring finger don't rub the desk or the mousepad and the thumb is better supported without any weird curves. But of course the mouse is wireless only and the Wifi is slower than the G700s. It is not the best of the line for gaming.

        I'm gonna try the Logitech G303 because this mouse as the same advanced spec than the G502 but made for smaller hand or to support only 2 fingers. I am done with the Logitech gaming mice after that. It is really because you can find Logitech mice anywhere. The other ones need to be ordered online and shipped back. That is a bit complicated and cost more time and money.


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          If you are crazy about the size of your mouse and want the absolute best fit for your hand in the old classic design of mice. Here you go.
          You have the same model with a scale of 2 mm or 1 mm. Look at this if you don't believe me me .


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            I'm using G700 and I really like it. The primary reason is that it uses laser. It is very accurate no matter what surface it is on. I've tried quite a few other, and none works on my wooden desk surface without mouse pad.

            The only draw back is that it uses lot of power, I have to keep it plug in daily. The recharging gets so tedious. I ended up just have it plug in all the time.


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              Originally posted by Wes View Post
              I'm using G700 and I really like it. The primary reason is that it uses laser. It is very accurate no matter what surface it is on. I've tried quite a few other, and none works on my wooden desk surface without mouse pad.

              The only draw back is that it uses lot of power, I have to keep it plug in daily. The recharging gets so tedious. I ended up just have it plug in all the time.
              Cool! Thanks for the info on this one. I returned the Steelseries mouse because the back of the mouse is too big for my hand or simply don't fit.
              I still have the G700s, G602 and G502. I got a lot of hand sweating with both the G700s and G602 . You get used of the G700s texture after a time.
              I really like my MX620. They need to make a gaming version of that design really. The G602 is very quiet. You really have big differences on each model it is really hard to take a decision.
              I wanted to order the Corsair M65 yesterday just to compare. This one has metal parts and open area at the bottom.


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                I played Battlefield 4 today with all those mice and I can say the G502 is way more adapted when you play during a long period and even a short since your hand start sweating very fast with the G700s and G602.
                I think it is just because the center of your hand and part of the thumb are like glued on the mouse. I'm gonna go with another type of design for gaming. The Corsair M65 is maybe the answer. I ordered one today.


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                  I received the Corsair M65 today and it is a total different beast. The design is a bit weird in its simplicity because it is larger than all other mice I tested. Because of the that the ring finger don't rub the table and the thumb stick on the mouse too. So the mouse support 4 fingers. Only the pinky touch the desk. It is built like a tank and feel like a tank too. I'm not sure but the 8200 DPI seems useless there and on most of the other mice but you can reduce it to what you want. You have 3 programmable speeds you can switch on the mouse like all the other models tested. The mouse wheel is silent and do the job very well even if you don't hear it you can feel all the steps with a precision similar to the G502. You have a blue light in the wheel and for the top buttons to switch dpi. The mouse feel just ok even with your arm not extended. no sweat at the back of the hand because it is open but the top and right side can become sweat after a time. It is realy 2mm aluminium made with a 3mm plastic top and the center is filled with a strong plastic structure. The sniper button seems a bit far at the front on the left side but maybe it is made like this to not press it by accident when right or left click. You can access all buttons easily and not by accident. You really need to do a special move reach it.

                  The only problem i can see is if the pads under the mouse fall off or are totaly used you are now on the metal part directly on your desk or mouse pad. On a mouse pad welcome the static. On the desk welcome the scratch. You don't have the confort of a G602 or MX620 or MX Master but a real Gear of war made to keep your hand not too sweat.

                  Oh and for the mouse click the noise level is a bit less than the G602 clicks. The G602 is more quiet on the clicks than any other Logitech gaming mice. My MX 620 is still more quiet than any of those mice. Maybe the MX Master is almost silent. Need to test. I need 3200 dpi min for a 1680x1050 monitor. And the 3200 is not for gaming but when you switch to your desktop at high resolution without mouse acceleration. Just for gaming 2500DPI is enough.
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                    Ok I'm gonna try this one

                    Ok about DPI. I found that the G602 is limited to 2500 DPI. It is the most confortable mouse of the lot and you can program a sniper button on the side. It is only wireless but the response time is really good for a wireless. I don't know why but you don't have the option of rapid switch to one of the specific dpi config on the G700s like you can do on the G602. You can switch one by one or switch an entire config with the G700s. So to make a sniper button you need to make a config with one dpi selection and switch between the 2 configs. It is not that fast and you need to press the button again to switch to the other profile. Also when I tried to config the G700s that screwed up all my keyboard. I needed to reload the keyboard profile to fix that. Even when if I logged out windows or disconnected the keyboard everything remained screwed up. The mouse started to make weird things like second click opening the properties instead of the file. Very weird if fact.

                    For the Corsair M65 I'm still testing it and so far it is the best response and precision mouse of the lot maybe because of the alluminium, pads, laser placement and weight repartition. But the mouse is not that confortable except maybe if you claw grip the mouse. It is not really a position I can take for a long time. But it is something I cannot do with all the other mice I have. Maybe the RAT was good at that but... gone

                    The Corsair M65 RGB version is better if you don't claw grip since the sniper button and the side of the mouse are not exactly at the same place. The arc of the mouse is not really made for confort but force you to make precise movements.
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                      There is a way to make the M65 perfectly confortable. Position the middle finger on the mouse wheel and use the ring finger to right click. Because the mouse is large at this place you can do it and that fit perfectly. So the 3 fingers are on top of the mouse, the bottom of your hand relaxe at the the back of the mouse, your thumb is directly on the sniper button, the pinky nearly touch the desk and don't block anything.


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                        Ok I just received the Thermaltake Ventus x today. It is not really 100% like I thought. First : You don't have a fan in the mouse. But it still keeps your hand more dry than the G602 or G700s after a time.
                        The plastic of the mouse feel cheap at first but you have some kind of unique finish on it made of a mix of plastics on top (rubbered and old standard plastic all in one. Hard to explain). You have rubber patches on the side of the mouse to have a great grip. Also the side buttons have a good grip similar to the G602. The mouse wheel feel a bit stiff just enough to not turn it by error and it is silent. The clicks sound lower pitch than the other mice I tested and because of that a bit less anoying. The braided cable seems cheaper than the one on the Logitech and Corsair. More skinny cable. Logitech mice have a bigger braided cables than the other ones. The USB connector looks gold plated but I really think that this stuff is just color and nothing else let's see. The M65, G502, G700s usb connector are silver. The mouse fit almost perfectly in my hand. The front of the mouse don't have the angle that I thought so that makes this mouse a bit less confortable than the MX620. Also the MX620 don't really heat your hand Maybe the hard plastic on top. The Ventus x seems to fight against its own classic shape design well know to make your hand Sweaty after a time. I'm just curious to see what is the best solution for that. You have another mouse made by Cooler master called CM STORM REAPER using alluminium on top but the shape of the mouse is very different and made for smaller hands. The CM STORM REAPER has a sniper button like the M65. So the Ventus X has less buttons if I compare to the other gaming mice on my desk but has that vent holes, gold plated usb connector and that almost perfect shape. No dedicated sniper button but it is possible to create one with one of the 2 buttons on the left side. The DPI can be switched on top with only one button but this button can also be set to do anything you want. By default you press until your are on the dpi you want and you show the dpi number on screen and you have no light indicator on the mouse for the DPI. I think it is better to set this buton to switch profiles so you can press it to have high dpi and forward, backward button set on the left side when you don't play games or don't play a FPS game. The mouse feel lightweight even with all the weight installed. The mouse response seems very fast. The mouse is easier to move than the other mice. That can be good or bad depending on your style. Very sensible mouse. Almost your entire hand is supported by the mouse. Only the pinky touch the pad or desk. I updated this text because I was wrong every buttons on this mouse can be set to what you want including keyboard buttons, DPI setting, etc. VEry nice in fact.
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                          Logitech G700s is back to the store. Like Wes said the battery is empty after a day LOL. The wireless system is some kind of useless and the wire is a big plastic cable and it is hard to move the mouse when plugged. The forced thumb position and sweaty hand you got after 5 min of use is a bit anoying. The software don't allow you to make a sniper button like the G602. I also got some weird overide of my keyboard functionality and own self G700s functionality when using the software config making Windows not usable. To fix that you really need to know what you are doing or restart the computer. Maybe... Other than that the shape of the mouse is not bad if not great and the left side buttons perfectly well made. The clicks were a bit loud too.

                          Yesterday I got a weird problem with the Thermaltake Ventus x . 2 or 3 crashes when using the editor in GTA5 online. With the video card I have there is no reason that can be the video memory full or performance that caused the crash. I am pretty sure this is the mouse software installed to show the DPI on screen. Some kind of layer menu always running in backgroud that popups when you press the DPI button.
                          I cannot be sure 100% for now. I need to try it longer.

                          So for now I can say The G602 is the best wireless gaming mouse out there . I got absolutly no problem with the mouse. The programmable part is better than anything I see even better than the G700s and that perfectly works. The buttons are very well placed and because you have 6 buttons on the left side you can make a sniper button and use the 5 other buttons for your standard need. The mouse is 2500 DPI but it is enough believe me. The receiver is 500Hz and it is also enough because you have a cable so you can install the receiver just in front of the mouse. The mouse is very confortable. You can switch DPI with the top buttons or any other else if you want and see the change on the side of the mouse. The lights fade out when you don't use it very fast to have a longer battery life. You have 2 batteries and that makes the mouse weight perfect. You can park the receiver in the mouse batteries compartment. The only con is you cannot plug it and your hand start to be sweaty after a time. Anything else is almost perfect. The mouse wheel is only step by step but who use no step rolling? Maybe if you want to do a specific work not for gaming.

                          I have seen another mouse today at the store that maybe can rival the G602. The Razer Black Mamba Elite because of the special shape and you can plug it like the G700s. But I am not sure about the software and the mouse cost over 140$ USD 165$ CAD. Sooo a bit expansive for what you get.

                          Talking about the MX Master I bought it to try the confort of the thing... more too come... I can already say that you can plug the mouse but it is only to charge it. You cannot use the mouse wired without the usb receiver pluged which is a big no no no for me but that also mean that the mouse charge when you are using it which is a plus . The confort of the mouse doesn't beat the MX620 (MX400) and it is somewhere similar to the G602. You have a bit more grip on the MX Master. Only 1500 DPI max. Buttons config are for windows actions. The app to config the buttons is not more advanced than the one back in the '90. Maybe that has no big impact in games . Let see... The big new stuff for me is the thumb wheel and thumb wheel config
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                            Ordering a G602 to try it out.


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                              Here is a video about the G602: