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    Logitech has released the mx anywhere mouse 2. It seems that the new releases are colored, textured like the MX Master.

    Sooo my verdict so far.

    All mice can be good for something at least those I have currently.

    The Logitech G502 Proteus Core : best wired and overall mouse to play Battlefield 4 and so... why? because you have everything you can find anywhere on the great gaming mice of 2015 and more and you can easily lift the mouse (the entire mouse because the weight is centered) this mouse also don't heat your hand. It is not the mouse to use all day long but for an hour of Battlefield nothing beat that. Also your arm need to be extended don't try this your face at 30 cm of the screen.

    Ok but what to do if your face is at 30 cm of the screen and your arm at 90%? There is a mouse called Logitech MX Performance usefull for that but you are greatly limited if you play Battlefield 4 with that since you can set a mouse at 8200 DPI at the lowest sensibility in this game. This mouse is limited to 1600 DPI, not bad but well it is wireless and low DPI. Prepare to die often . You play with a laser mouse so lifting the mouse can lead to unpredictable results and the mouse weight is not centered anyway. But you can set some kind of sniper button on the zoom button. The G602 can be used with arm at 90% too but the back of your hand gonna rub the desk at some point. The Logitech M705 can also be used with your arm and body not in a ergonomic position and this time the back of your hand don 't move at all since you have no support for the back and a space to move the mouse under your hand. You can also lift this mouse easily if you have only one battery which is possible and if the battery is installed near the center. Too bad the mouse without battery has a perfect weight repartition but once you add one battery the weight go on the back.

    OK now to play GTA 5 you need 2 things: A mouse and a game controller. Xbox one game controller of course to pilot the planes and copters. You can also buy a controller just for plane simulation but it is another subject and budget.
    The best wheel I tested to play GTA 5 is the Ventus X wheel mouse. G502 and M65 wheel mouse are good too but you have to make a compromise here since you can stay in front of GTA 5 hours and hours doing different things and not just shooting.
    You just need a 1000 DPI mouse to play GTA 5 so the response time is only the precious thing that can help you there. THe G602 has a great response time for a wireless. (polling rate 2 ms) But the MX performance, MX master and M705 have 8ms response time 125Hz pulling rate. So a wired mouse is welcome here (you can overclock the USB port of any mice to get the 500hz) or use a gaming wireless mouse that can be set to 500Hz pulling rate. 1000Hz is well know to use too much cpu ressource and can lead to lag.
    So just find a wired mouse with a confortable feel for your hand and maybe a possible sniper button and a stiff precise mouse wheel. It is not a wired mouse but even the scult ergonomic MS mouse has a sniper button those days.
    So Logitech G602, gaming wireless mouse or Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 wired . Name it I don't have your hand. It is what I search since the beginning and I start to think the solution is in a different shaped mouse like the LX3, G3 but with 2-3 buttons on the left side. For the moment the M500 do the job but for a unknown reason the MX620 feel better in my hand even if it is the same shape. The color and top texture is different making the mouse feel bigger and no sweat. The plastic is glossy...anyway...

    For mmo G602 or other weird stuff like Naga I'm not gonna test or... maybe

    For Dota.. A standard lightweight wired mouse you can lift. Something like the M705 but wired and centered weight like the G502. But you can use the G602 and assign the 6 skills to the 6 buttons and bang!!!! Not the best mouse to lift...em. Something like I mentioned LX3, G3 shape or other mice shapes that fit your hand for both left and right hands with more buttons. Ok forget about the Logitech G3. It is very small even if on the Logitech web site claim 130cm long X 43cm high it is not that... . You have many Gaming Logitech and Razer mice that can fit that size like the Daedalus Apex, G100 and Razer Abyssus but the Logitech LX3 size and shape is harder to find with more buttons on the side. It is what I am searching for. Maybe same shape but a bit longer 130cm long X 43cm was agreat value but well

    For the M65 well...solid mouse and good response, nice hard plastic feel and all but not a confortable mouse at least when you play for a long time or do something else during a long time.
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      Originally posted by Muscat View Post
      The R.A.T. 7 returned to the store today. I have not tested the sensor or even the usb cable and software because the ergonomic part not fit already. The dam angle on the right button hurts too much the free third finger I cannot really recommend using this one but it is a dam cool well made mouse if you don't see that. All RAT mice are similar for this so for me no more R.A.T.S
      Haha I didn't see this. Uhm that looks like a button but ive never tried to program it. Im going to get into the profiles again. I forgot about the action lock function. Too many new games are making me press the button over and over.


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        Originally posted by Ash View Post
        Haha I didn't see this. Uhm that looks like a button but ive never tried to program it. Im going to get into the profiles again. I forgot about the action lock function. Too many new games are making me press the button over and over.
        Hi Ash, I talk about the right click button.

        I started returning all the mice today
        The G602 and MX Master today the other ones during next week.
        I wanted to keep the G602 but they dropped the price too much in USA. I mean that dopped only at $60 here in Canada and I paid 100$ for the mouse +taxes. Maybe when they drop the price under $50 but for now it is weird. They are doing something. Maybe another similar mouse is coming with better spec.
        Only the G502 which I bought first stay on the desk.... Dam waste of time I have done all this just because at first the G502 was not right in my hand...
        If I can find a mouse similar too the Logitech Lx3 with more buttons and quality built I post it here but for now I'm done


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          I just received a email. Somebody said to me that a LX3 with more buttons = M500 LOL ok then. The top angle is similar many things are differents.

          I think I found something... Look at this baby. Worst electronic you can buy but the shape is very similar. The mouse is even longer but maybe not high enough.

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            NOO I'M NOT DONE

            I bought a used Dell 5 buttons wired mouse. Here :
            not on ebay of course but somewhere in Montreal. In real it is not the electronic the problem but the way the exterior plastic is made. You press on the right back of the mouse and you do a right click. Same think for the left. The top is made of 2 separates black parts and because of that the parts shake like hell . The mouse feel like a piece of crap that gonna fell apart any time. Don't spend a cent one this. I bought a new Logitech LX3 for less money and it is a masterpiece if you compare to that crap.
            But well... the is really what it is a better shape than the logitech even if it is some kind of copy but the built quality... Hard to find worst. I mean the Logitech LX3 it is one of the lowest budget mouse they ever made and that blow that crap. LOL
            I'm not sure that can be fixed...tons of glue?? anyway...

            I tested all the dam mice in the Bestbuy and Staples. There is some mice to not forget the existence like those in this list.
            Logitech M310.
            The Logitech M310 don't have any side buttons but this mouse feels right the first time you touch it.

            The mouse in the Microsoft Comfort Blue Track Desktop 5000
            Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 7000 mouse (ok the wheel is horrible but the shape is interresting )
            The Microsoft Wireless Mouse 2000 . Again no side buttons mouse.

            Now for the gaming mice. They have demo of the most popular gaming mice in the big Staples stores. I tried the Razer DeathAdder for the third time and I really don't know why this mouse is so popular...
            I also tried the Razer Naga . The mouse feel geat in my hand. Many many side buttons some I cannot reach if I don't look at the mouse and forget about the game. Feel a bit slippy on top but shape of this mouse is better than I tough.
            AND THE FINAL ... I see 2 mice one beside the other in front of me and almost not started to test because I already have one and the other looks very very similar. The G502 and the G402.......I try the G502 to be sure I have the same dam mouse with that weird almost parallel to the desk front buttons. And of course it is the same . I start to check the G402 and BAM! DAMMIT! ALL THE GAMERS ON THIS PLANETE NEED TO KNOW. They are different... I mean enough to say that the G402 has a better shape a way better shape. The front of the mouse is NOT like the G502 but more like the standard Logitech mice but in a better way. The front click buttons do an arc like the M500, M705, G700s,G602, etc... They are not almost parallel to the desk like the G502. Ok the mouse wheel is made of rubber . The wire is also made of rubber but this mouse feel soo better in the hand than the G504. 4 000 ppp instead of 12 000 ppp well ... This mouse can replace replace any G5, MX518, G500s, name it..... And you can use it all day..

            OK This mouse deserve a new home .
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              I have the G402 in my hand right now and it is not quite the front shape (angle) of the M500. It is more the angle of a current standard mice. Your fingers don't have to follow the shape of the mouse like the G502. The arc is still not enough prononced to my tast. The top is more slippy than the G502 if your hand is dry. The height of the mouse is a bit low. Because of these changes the mouse feel bigger


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                I found a brand new MX620 at bestbuy today. It was in the MK700 wireless desktop bundle. 65$ CAD for the wireless keyboard and mouse. This package is at $239.00 USD on Amazon.
                My first wireless keyboard ever!! Product discontinued since 2010.


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                  Ok I got the Logitech M310. What I have to say about this mouse is all the side and black top part is made of rubber and the grey is a flat non glossy surface. That makes the mouse confort very great even if it is a cheap $30 wireless mouse. 15-17$ in the US.
                  The mouse use the same unifying receiver as the MX Performance, MX Master, M705, etc... I wish I can get a wireless keyboard using this. One dongle for all mice and keyboards that save a lot of USB slots. The bad thing about this mouse is the teflon pads which are very cheap mini teflons that can scratch your desk easily. A mouse pad is required for this mouse. Anyway this is an optical mouse better using it on a soft surface . Not sure but on the logitech website they talk about laser for the M310T. Ok the mouse is both laser and optical. I can see the optical and laser hole in the same sensor.

                  I tried the G402 in Blizzard Heroes of the storm yesterday. The mouse fits very well with that kind of games. THe clicks are less anoying than the G502 and the shape more adapted but some features are not there like surface adaptation and multiple profiles. THe mouse is optical so maybe perform better on a softpad but direct on the desk was not bad at all. Already better than wireless mice and low pulling rate logitech standard mice.
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                    Too many miiiiiiice!
                    I discovered some Gigabyte mice during my search but now more I see all the Gigabyte collection more I think they make it right at least the shape of their mice seems very right.
                    The Gigabyte M6880 looks like a Logitech MX620 for gamer.
                    Some models look like a MX620 mixed with the back of a LX3. Excellent!
                    2 pages of gaming mice for big hands.

                    Aivia M8600 V2 for the Wireless one

                    Need to see some review...

                    Ok I read some reviews and they seem to have some sensor problems. Other reviewers don't see that but it is the overall complain. Overall complain about logitech mice is double clicks instead of one click after a time.
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                      Here is what ASUS are doing... not released yet.


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                        Time to test the Razer Naga Naga HEX wraith red. Not for the sensor of course but more for the shape and how those buttons can be useful. You have a wireless version of the naga. Not that one but the chroma.

                        Returned the M705 and M500 since I know this shape very well . My 2 Mx620 are similar and the clicks speed and feel is not near the quality of the G402 for that. Also the mouse wheel move left and right when you move the mouse fast and it is a really anoying sound and feel. The M500 has the same mouse wheel but move less, the M500 need more weight, an optical sensor and quality clicks like the G402. If they change that this mouse is gonna be very popular for gaming but now I don't really understand why use this shape for a wired mouse not made for gaming. The sensor is at the center. Everything is there to make it possible but you need to mod the mouse to convert it to a gaming mouse.

                        Other mice I'm gonna test. Razer DeathAdder, Razer Naga chroma if the one I have has not the same good shape. Maybe the ouroboros. The Mionix Naos 7000 or Avior. Some other optical mice with top sensors maybe....


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                          Ok Razer Naga Hex first impression : This is not gonna work... I tried the mouse with many games and you have something here but that need a lot of practice and pain. Configuring the buttons for what you want is fun but trying to use those buttons in the action during the game is frustrating. Your thumb always gonna touch a button when you click even if the tiny dummy at the center of the left of the mouse side is not a button. To not accidentally touch a button during gameplay your thumb need to be precisely resting on the dummy at the center of the 6 buttons. This require a lot of pratice and it is NOT confortable at all. Once you try this mouse you understand that is better to have a ton of buttons you can reach where you want and desactivate the ones you accidentally touch or don't have button at all around this place. The G602 or G700s have already a better buttons placement. The G602 ,,the 6 buttons you need but in a better place already.

                          Now the shape of the mouse: This mouse has a very different shape and feel than most of the mice out there. The mouse feel small in my hand , you have support for the fourth (ring) finger at the right but in my case it fails to support the ring finger correctly since I always rub the desk.
                          The left mouse click is not bad it sounds and feel like my old mice (Intellimouse). This is not the nice feel of the G402 or MX620 for the clicks. I think the right mouse click is the most important and in this case it is not the best I have tested. The G502 buttons are noisy but feel very crunchy and durable. The G402 right click is so far the best I have tested. The lx3 clicks are of course horrible if I compare and I know they are not durable but I do really like the shape and quality of the top and side finish of that mouse. Corsair M65 clicks are very good too. The M65 is my backup mouse now I know nothing gonna destroy it

                          The finish of the mouse: The glossy finish at the top is very nice but in this case a good example of what not to do with the glossy. The Logitech LX3 glossy is perfect but the Naga one really heat your hand. The glossy is great at the beginning but after a time really becomes a problem.

                          The mouse wheel is great. Nothing negative to say about it . Great silent wheel. That means maybe the Mamba and DeathAdder have great built quality too. Let's see....


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                            Here is a very interresting link. You can see the sensor used in all those mice. High rated sensors for gaming PMW3310, A3090, S3989, MLT04, AM010 N1301T/N1303T and of course the best of all PMW3366.



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                              DeathAdder time!!!!!!!! Once on my desk the mouse shape feels a bit better than on a high demo display shelf. I still think the higher part of the mouse is too much at the center and not enough on the back but it is very usable the way it is but your palm don't really touch the mouse that way. Since the palm is the main thing heating the mouse maybe it is a good thing and one reason the mouse is so popular. The sensor is the new updated optical S3989. The S3988 need to be updated with a recent firmware to not start to malfunction after 2 months and die on you. So it supposed to be a great already updated sensor. Let see... A guy pointed out that the main thing he don't like about this mouse is the angle on the right click button. It is the first thing I saw and feel when I first started to use the mouse. You have an angle at the front of the mouse just to make it special I imagine but because of that you ring finger (fourth) press accidentally on the right click when in a rest position at the right of the mouse. Player using the ring finger for right click don't have this problem of course because the pinky is too small to reach that part. When you know it you just place you hand in a 10 degree angle to the right on the mouse. Most of the mice feel better that way anyway. Is it good or bad? When you move it is not perfectly horizontal of course. No mouse is perfect it seems. It is not the best mouse wheel on earth. Stiffer than the G402 and G502 but feel cheep made like the old MS mice. If you don't try to palm the mouse that feels like a confortable mouse because that support your 2 fingers. Your 2 main fingers touch the mouse including the join all on the front part (angle) of the mouse. You can also use the starting part of your finger to click the mouse.

                              I'm not gonna comment on the colors. I have the chroma so nice rainbo cycling colors I don't care about
                              The left buttons on left part of the mouse: The click is very loud on this buttons. Louder than any clicks buttons I clicked during my entire life And you feel the click vibration in your thumb... good or bad? Bad for the feel and the people trying to sleep on the other side of the wall. That remembers me the time when the click was a metallic bubble. Those style of buttons was not durable at all.... The most popular game was Bubble Bobble at the time. I think the shape feel a bit better than the G402 appart for the dam click button angle but of course it is not the quality of the G402 for the finish and the overall built. Why they sell it 100$? Because they can, not because that worth it
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                                I'm back in force after 2 days of intense gaming
                                New mice on the desk:
                                Naga Epic Chroma (wireless mmo mouse)
                                G600 (wired Logitech mmo mouse)
                                G300s (a small one with the front shape of the old Logitech mice)
                                Asus Strix Claw (everything supposed to be high quality in the mouse and it is a very nice shape but the mouse itself feel cheap made. Let see after some tests.. sensor need a firmware update or the mouse fail after 2 months for your informations so forget about the bad reviews on the net this is mostly people not updating the mouse)
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