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    I bought the G900 finally. Nice price in Canada right now. But I saw the new Logitech mice at the local Bestbuy at the same time... Dam.....
    You have 2 other great mice out there. I ordered one I think can be great for me. The G403.. It is not a G402 upgrade but really a new mouse. Greatest sensor on earth you get also in the G900 and G502 and G303.
    The G403 is a mouse for medium to large hands. 43 mm Height. Very nice shape.. Need to try assap!
    Also they released the Logitech G pro which is a small mouse with the same sensor very popular in Asia and start to be very popular even for people with large hands in America.
    The pro has the same shape of the G203 (G100 with 2 separated click button parts)


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      I received the G403 today..... Ready to compare...
      The mouse shape feels almost like a M500.... Good thing for me
      So far the major differences between this model and any other Logitech G mice is the shape, mouse wheel and thumb buttons. I'm gonna review laterz after some gaming to say if it is a good or bad thing.
      The mouse wheel is very quiet and the steps damped by the rubber.
      The thumb buttons are big and loud.
      The shape is perfect for any purpose even better with the weight you can add.


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        Ok What is next?
        I bought the G pro too. The G pro shape is like the old Logitech mice (before year 2k) made for Dell and other computer kit.
        It is the same shape as the current G203 and G103. Different sensor and cable.
        I really like the shape of the G pro. If your arm is parallel or a bit lower of the top of your desk it is great. The only thing I don't like is the sound of the left click which is loud compared to other mice and of course can be anoying for the people around. Not for you if you are using headphones. The click also feel cheaper than the G502,G900, G403. It has a rubber feel mouse wheel different from the 3 others. Each step is well defined but not as clicky as the G900 or G502. The G403 as the smoothest mouse wheel but this feel also a bit cheaper and less defined than the G900.

        Talking about the G900 . It is now back to $99 at bestbuy Canada. Worth the money at this price. Since I got mine before (less than 30 days) I received the refund but I think it is out of stock now or it is a gimmick from Bestbuy. In my case I was able to get the mouse at this price.
        The G900 is the best mechanic you can get now for a gaming mouse. I cannot say the shape is perfect. I cannot say the grip is perfect since the G502 has a way better grip at least when you start to play but after a time your hand start to stick to it and that do the job very well. The G900 has no problem with the clicks and side button placement.

        Back to the G403. I removed the weight since that can lead to wrist pain. The shape really feel nearly as my MX620, M500 or other actual MX mice for desktop. I found that sometimes I hit the side button (previous button) by error. This button is definitely too big. I don't care for the forward button it is perfect like that but why the hell this one is so big? For the beauty of the design I am pretty sure but that kill the usability. Other than that for the moment I can say it is a great mouse too.

        The most perfect gaming mouse shape so far is the G pro and G502. G502 has that forward (side button) you hit by error all the time. G403 has that previous button you hit by error sometime. So at the end you have the G pro which is the safe buy compared to other models. Also with the same shape the G203 which is perhaps the best mouse you can buy for that price if it is the same mechanic you have in the G pro except sensor and braided cable.

        So in short ... Best gaming mouse mechanic ever.... G900 (best box case and customisation too)
        Best safe gaming mouse that can fit everyone G203, G PRo.
        Best FPS mouse if you don't use the forward side button G502. (the sniper button too since you have a big chance to press the left click at the same time by error) (2 useless buttons in fact you need to desactivate)
        Best moba mouse and maybe for other type of specific games that need speed over precision.. G402 (with updated firmware) , G203, G Pro. That can be the G900 too.
        Best mouse for mixed third person, first person like GTA 5 and a lot of menu (windows) and so on. G403.

        I continue testing and maybe change my mind over time...


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          I don't have access to that many mouses like you do. But among the few that I used, TWO of my LogiTech Performance MX started have the same problem at the same time. When I click and drag the mouse pointer, it just randomly let go the dragging action. At first I thought signal may be weak and it lost the signal. After moving them around and they still doing the same thing. So, both of them are now retired. The shape and texture are one of my most favorite too. What a shame.

          My other low end simple mouse Logitech M510 is still working fine. And my current favorite is the Logitech MX Master. Battery life last a bit over a week. Not as good as my other mouses but I can use it on any surface and the shape is as good as the Performance MX.


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            Wes they gonna release very soon new gaming mice at logitech. The G903 and G703. Both use wireless charging solution. No more cables needed for charging at least it is what they say. The mouse need to be on a mat to charge. Here is some infos.

            G903 same shape as the G900
            G703 same shape as the G403


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              Wow! $100 for a charger! I think I'll just plug it in. lol


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                I returned the G403 because of that new release. Anyway the price gonna drop big time since the G703 release.
                Waiting for a reasonable price for the G703....
                Currently I use only the G502 and G pro. The G900 is a nice decoration for the moment but I paid half price for it