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Common problems with nvidia gtx900 series

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  • Common problems with nvidia gtx900 series

    Just to let you know. There is 2 problems with the gtx900 series. One is the last 500 MB of the 4GB version used to swap or something and that is not additionnal GPU memory to use with a 4K monitor for example. The model Gtx980 and + use full 4GB. The AMD cards if they are 4GB use 4GB but they are most of the time 3GB models.

    Another problem is the coil whine (know as electronic buzzing noise) Mostly on GTX 970 and 980.
    I got this problem with my fresh new GTX970 I need to return
    The worst is that you can have an audio card like a soundblaster with a cheap preamp in it and you not gonna hear the problem at all but if you switch to a better audio card with a nice powerful pre-amp be prepared for the noise attack. LOL

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    Ok I have to say there that with on board audio you don't hear the noise too. So the frequency is fixed for that kind of audio source.


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      Hi , I ordered another GTX 970 and exact same problem for both Asus Turbo and Asus Strix. A guy has made a video of coil whine. He said that can be the PSU that makes the noise but I don't hear noise in the case only in the audio channel.
      This problem is real and that gonna cost me a lot of money. So think about it before buying a GTX 970. He has made a lot of tests LOL very interresting.