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Time to buy a new iPad Case?

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  • Time to buy a new iPad Case?

    I dunno if all those companies are aware of what people need but they certainly know what is the first thing you start to look at when you have some money to spend in tech.
    After the mice chase, camera and tripod, now the famous iPad case not lasting long you need to replace after a year or 2.
    Again you have many choices depend on what you really want to sacrifice to get extra security or options maybe not really usefull at the end of the day.
    For example: Waterproof iPad or iPhone case. People certainly don't think to long before buying that. If your iPad is celled from water big chance there is now airflow enough to cool it. Big chance the heated air gonna exit the case anyway and the water gonna start entering the case.

    So if you pay more than $100 for that it is some kind of waste of money. I tried many cases and they all have their problems even the most rated one on amazon. I really think the rating system is partially fake on almost all only store or most people are so exited about their new purchase they write a positive review and don't want to think their choice is a big mistake nor write it on amazon after a time LOL.

    So I can say there is 3 main type of cases.

    1 - The one that protect the entire iPad (can be waterproof too)
    2 - The classic with the closing top panel. All buttons are not recovered by something and your touch screen don't have a useless plastic on top of it. (that can come with a keyboard)
    3 - The most recent minimal protection in case you drop it (everything on your iPad is accessible with ease, it is lightweight and you got no useless fake protection you pay $100 for)

    In the first category the most popular are the Otter box defender and the Lifeproof cases. Main problem ..all button are recovered and replaced by some kind of cheap rubbered buttons very hard to press. The screen of the iPad is recovered by a cheap transparent plastic and once intalled you lose all the great touch screen sensibility of your iPad. That can be removed in most case but once you do that forget about the warranty and 100% protection. Those case are expensive but well the iPad is somehow very protected if not overprotected.

    In the second category you can get a very cheap fake leather case and pay $100 for it and this not last more than 6 months or you can get something good for cheap but they are not durable and very often not very well made for what you pay for. The most popular is often the cheapest when it is not the apple one.

    The third category is some kind of partial protection based on the full protection to not lose your already well sturdy made iPad buttons and touch quality and feel of the screen surface. Often rubber around your device.

    And here is why I started this thread... Logitech started to make case and keyboard for mobile device not long after the release of the iPad mini. Now they released a new product in the third category.

    Ok this need to be tested