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Virtual reality is there !!! VR headset review

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  • Virtual reality is there !!! VR headset review

    I received a nice VR headset yesterday.....
    The Samsung Gear VR Innovator
    That's great but now I need the dam cellphone
    The Samsung S6 is required to use this headset so it is not a cheap purchase.
    I don't have any enchanced cellphones so maybe it is the time.
    More about it this week but if you have any experience with VR headsets.... any comments or experiences are welcomes

    I can already say that for now this kit with the Samsung is the best you can get.
    Any other cellphones even the Note 4 are a laggy when generating double VR images.

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    There are so many VR headset came/coming out this year and next. Gonna be super exciting!


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      That was a pain but I got a nice price and a possible return in 30 days only at Videotron Montreal. $699 CAD + $17.95 for one month service. Samsung S6 32GB. Now ready to test it out


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        Ok I'm going to do this step by step since you have many things going on with that

        1. The headset and S6 alone is not enough. You need a controller for the games and different stuff. I bought a PS4 controller, so now I have all the dam game controllers: PS3, xbox360, xbox one and PS4 but no PS4 or xBox one console LOL. You need at least the PS4 controller because its bluetooth connection is compatible with the S6 and partially work with the Oculus software. For the moment Bluetooth is slow or the software or maybe the Ps4 controller response on the S6. Samsung has a controller for the Gear Vr and the buttons are not necessary mapped at the same place. So well for me the Ps4 controller was the easy fast pick since you can get it anywhere but better buying the controller at the same time you order the Gear VR. Ps4 controller is not cheap because of course you have so many stuff you can do with it. (if you have a PS4 of course) You can also use the PS3 controller but you need to Root your Android phone and use the usb connector. In that case and for many other controllers you need a direct connection to the USB port with an OTG cable like this.: With the PS4 controller you just need to press the PS4 button and share button at the same time on the controller and choose your controller in the bluetooth list of peripherals on the S6.

        2. of course you need headphones you can plug on the S6. Any models can do the trick.

        3. You need to download some apps to do different things on both Oculus menu or S6 Os menu to have full access to any VR movies format and online distribution.

        4. I don't remember the apps already installed with the Oculus app menu but once this one is installed you need to download almost all the apps you can get in that menu. Not more than 10 or 12 maybe less. Many apps are not in the Canadian store. The trick is to use an app to change the region when the oculus app start. Same thing when you need to download Vr app on the US google play store. The app is named Hola.

        5. Another app you need to use to see other vr video not made for Oculus or not yet supported or well because you don't know which app can read it in the Oculus and want to desactivate the Gear VR session to use only the glasses without the software. The Disable Service app is required $2 CAD. Once installed you can activate or desactivate the Gear VR process by starting the app and check the Gear vr process. (must be in red)

        6. So now you are ready to install any VR applications or vr video and see it on the Gear VR. You have many other applications to see different VR movies just google it when you got a new format. You have the app to read it most of the time on Android Google play store.

        7. Be sure your chair can do a 360 degree of rotation. The S6 can remotely recharge so just plug a remote charger or plug the charger when required on the usb port. The S6 charge very fast. Very impressive device in fact.

        8. You can adjust the headset lens to fit your eyes prescription with the wheel at the top. You can control the menu and different things with the touch pad on the Gear VR . Right eye side and when you turn your head to navigate like a mouse cursor. A Back button is near too. The image quality is still blurry when the objects are in a certain distance or on the side of the lenses. Not perfect but I think many things can make this happen not necessary the lenses.

        So far some stuff are really well made and shine on the Gear VR. It is blurry but some games are more sharp than the videos of course and the experience worth it but I can't imagine myself using this all the time. This is not lightweight enough and clear enough to have the motivation to try it again and again. That seems like just an experience not a lifestyle at least for the moment. The freedom of a iPad mini for example is hard to beat. even if it is 2D. Installing something directly on your eyes is not a comfortable experience. We need to find something that fit more naturally our face and eyes. I can see a lot of things we can do with it but many things need to change like mixing/switching to the reality during a game or playback. Forward/backward during a playback. This can be done and maybe done in other softwares but again when you see the reality on a phone cam it is not that great even if they claim the S6 has a good cam quality.

        A good Headset gonna cost a lot more than that. Headset at 350$ gonna be the worst for sure and it is what is coming in 2016.
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          It seems they are working on many of those problems and now the Oculus Rift package gonna include headphones and a xbox one controller. Microsoft gonna support the rift. Here is the video:
          As you can see the blurry problems can be also because of eye distance (PE). I think the wheel on the Gear vr is for moving the phone back or forth when the slider in the Oculus retail is to move the lenses to go more far or near your nose.
          What I understand is you need to use your prescription glasses in the Oculus rift. A bit different and have more sens to me.


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            OK a little update. The PS3 controller has the same button mapping as the Samsung controller so no need for the Ps4 controller. The PS3 controller need to be plugged on the micro usb port on the S6 to work out of the box. That can be tricky at first because you need to plug the controller + adapter to the Gear VR before installing the phone in the gear vr and press the Playstation button after that. The PS4 is not mapped exactly like the PS3 or a standard bluetooth controller. I bought this kit so now I have the adapter. You can connect it directly with the micro usb / usb 3 adaptor but this kit offers a Sd card reader and 3 usb port. I can connect both the PS4 and PS3 controller to test it. Transfert data with a usb key etc..

            Xbox one or xbox 360 controllers are not working with the S6 out of the box. Better of course not trying to root your device with a custom app to do this. It is possible but that voids your phone's warranty.
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              Another update... Something to think about when you do that. I mean installing a smartphone in front of your eyes. It is not necessary safe... radiation from the phone direct in your face/eyes. Better to switch the phone to airplane mode. I hope that way no microwave are generated. There is another thing also and this gonna be the same for the retail Oculus rift. The blue light. Blue light destroy the back of your eyes slowly. It is true for all monitors but now it is direct in your eyes at a bit more than a inch of distance. There is a confort mode in the Oculus UI you can select to remove a bit of blue light. Is it enough? only time can tell. Also I think the final Oculus rift headset gonna be bluetooth. Bluetooth is some kind of similar radiation just there in your face on that kind of device.


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                Ok MY FINAL WORDS ON THAT IN 2015.
                The BAD
                - Too expensive for what you get. You need to get a S6 700$ CAD + 250$ for a plastic headset without in built lcd screen and giro.
                - Dangerous for the eyes (distorted lens, blue light, etc) and the brain if you forget to switch the cell to airplane mode.
                - Almost all if not all vr videos are blurry to a point you not want to waste more time on this.
                - The Steam on the lens during short session adds more and more blur and damage to your eyes if you don't clean it all the time. If you use the headset sit down vertical it is possible that the steam/heat not disturb you for a time until the phone shows you a message .. too hot ...need to be closed. If you use the headset and you are horizontal on your bed after less than 2 minutes you right eye is full of steam/mist. Money back please! The headset has a fan on the left but not on the right.
                - You see each lcd screen pixel separation because it zoom on the screen. In the standard movie or even in VR VIDEO this effect makes me feel I am looking at a old standard low res TV screen from the '70.

                - Fatigue. Because the headset is somewhere heavy and your eyes force all the time to see things correctly.
                - about an hour and the battery is drained. You can try to plug the battery charger on the headset but for any reasons it charge very slowly that way and I that can maybe damage the controller if plugged on the same usb chain.
                - Other than that the regular complain about not enough games, good video etc.
                - The vr movies need to fit the desired resolution of the Gear VR headset/Oculus software if not the picture is distorted and people are stretched in the video. It is possible to use other softwares like mentionned previously but that way the result is not better than the google cardboard viewer.

                The GOOD
                - This is actually the most advanced headset (because of the phone/software mainly) and you cannot get better than this in 2015.
                - The vr is great in games and very immersive. It is more easy for the eyes and the quality is enough to enjoy an old Doom game in virtual 3D at least for an hour. Way better than any vr video you can get right now.
                - The headset straps and other construction aspect (other than a missing fan for the right eye of course) seem well made but it is a short time use I cannot talk about the durability of this system. But I don't think if that fall on the floor this gonna protect your phone. Maybe the plastic gonna broke and the glass on the phone too.
                - Can be used has a standard 2D or 3D Movies viewer in vertical position via Oculus Cinema and in horizontal position (bed) (your eyes looking at the celling) (but with the problems mentionned previously) Note: Any TRUE VR visualisation need to be vertical for the moment.

                Both headset and phone returned. Waiting until spring 2016 to see the final product.
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                  Pre-order for Oculus rift is coming.

                  We need a GTX970 to run the beast and intel i5-4590
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                    Originally posted by Muscat View Post
                    Pre-order for Oculus rift is coming.

                    We need a GTX970 to run the beast and intel i5-4590
                    awesome! Oculus is the only one I'm interested in.


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                      I was looking at getting a 970, Newegg had some sub 300$ a month ago when I wasn't ready. Didn't think I would need a new processor also. It's probably for the best, it will be limited on software at first.


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                        They had the SDK out for years. There are literally thousands of software already running on it. I was so tempted to buy the SDK set 2 generations ago.


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                          Oh wow, $600. Maybe not.


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                            Just ordered 1. Will be available in June.


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                              I just bought the Sony VR headset with the required dam camera. Let see if it is better than the Gear VR ....
                              An external processor box is include to bypass the lack of power of the ps4 for the VR. Sony has chosen the path of refresh rate instead of high definition. So the headset run in 120hz which I think is very important when the picture is right on your nose.

                              My first goal is to try to make it works without a PS4 on a PC. The reason is even if the VR is not gonna work on PC right now we have a good chance this can be used like a full display monitor at 120hz 1920x 1080. If I can play games on PC at this refresh rate without synchronisation this replace any high end monitor for gaming.