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How to make your own Shield tv, tablet, name it!

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  • How to make your own Shield tv, tablet, name it!

    I was looking to buy the shield tablet when they released the shield tv. Waited to see if they gonna release something else... I got the GTX970 so it is possible for me to stream with the shield app on my computer.
    I bought a $99 BestBuy tablet with windows free on it and now upgraded to windows 10 because Windows 10 cost $150 and this tablet $100. I have a micro hdmi port on it but unable to use it with my monitor even with 2 differents type of connection. When you look at the Project to a second screen..system setting at the bottom you have an option that say CONNECT TO A WIRELESS DISPLAY on Windows 10 setting. Since I saw that line I am full of question marks. I searched on google today and finally find what is this famous wireless display that can solve so many problems and open new horizons. It is something Intel added in their cpu starting to the 4 th generation. It is technology called Intel® WiDi.
    Here is a receiver

    So if I understand well we can project video signal on wireless so why people are trying to stream video?
    I understand with streaming you can see the result anywhere on the Internet but if it is for local home only? You main PC which is plugged on ethernet can play the video or the game or whatever. It seems that somewhere in the process you need to stream to see it on your other devices, tv or monitors wirelessly in your home or office. It is similar but already in your hardware.

    Here is the Intel page about it.
    Hardware required:
    Software required:

    So before buying any tablet, laptop or computer read this. You just have 6 tablets using it. Any generation 4 , 5, 6 Intel processors but last is better and less trouble of course.
    Bad news is if you upgrade to generation 6 you need to buy a new mobo, rams with the cpu
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    Here is the link to see if you computer is ready to Intel Widi:

    Ok I just read there is 2 versions of WIDI.
    The WIDI and PRO WIDI.
    Only the PRO WIDI require Intel 4 th generation cpu

    3rd Generation works with WIDI and 2rd Generation for mobile devices only.
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      My computer can cast only with Miracast and it is not cheap to try to go full WIDI and Miracast is not a fiable way to do this. In fact Google Chromecast cost the price of the intel network card you need to buy to make it possible. Chromecast is way cheaper and easier to use if you have a HDMI TV or monitor. Another problem is you need to be on the integrated intel chipset onboard video device to cast WIDI and maybe with Miracast too. Microsoft tablets can do that easily since they use the last intel chipset and the onboard video, many other tablets too but for a desktop computer you need to upgrade to the last technology.

      People using Apple desktop and devices have this possibility since 2010. They use Apple Airplay.


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        I returned the Chromecast. I am not really impressed by the picture quality. Direct hdmi stay the best way to project on other screens. Once you have the right adaptor that works well. I bought a hdmi to VGA adaptor. Works fine on my computer monitor with only DVI and VGA connections. I can plug the PS3, xbox 360, windows 10 tablet and soon I will try my iPad on my monitor. Got that one:
        Audio out is working and never used the usb port.
        Also this

        Ok it is the cost of the Chromecast but the image is waaaaaaay better!
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