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Cat 7 RJ45 Ethernet cables

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  • Cat 7 RJ45 Ethernet cables

    I bought new Ethernet cables for my home network and I can say that makes a big difference.
    I Switched from the Cat5 cables from my Internet provider to this cables :

    I read some reviews from the best selling ones and one guy said no problems with the Rosewill forget the popular ones at amazon..
    What I can say is now I have a ping of 23-28 instead of 35-38 on the Rocket league servers.

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    Well wired is always more stable. I had a connection that was supposed to be 100mb/s and it was just not with wireless connection. I tried everything and when it was wired connection it was working much better. I also play rocket league and it is really annoying when it lags so I always use the cable. I don't want to lose because of some bad connection. What I like the most is rocket league trading, you can trade your items and even get money for them. You just need luck with your chests and you will be ready to earn.
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      that is logical, that the cables are more stable