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Steam Lunar New Year sale (red envelope)

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  • Steam Lunar New Year sale (red envelope)

    It is the Steam Lunar New Year sale. Prices are similar to the black friday deals but if you buy for $35 + CAD you get $6 CAD OFF the total.
    Really worth it.

    You can see the $6 gift in the basket.

    Prices are perhaps different in US. I think it is 30$ USD and 5$ USD off. Someone need to check it out.

    For those using VR Headset... You have Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American truck simulator both for less than $5 USD. Worth it!
    You can play this game in multiplayer (mmo) with the TruckersMP mod (launcher) but not in VR for the moment.
    You have over 4 000 players on one server for Euro Truck Simulator 2 but around 500 in American Truck Simulator.
    You can add the trucks from Euro Truck Simulator to American Truck simulator but of course not in Multiplayer since it is not a retail mod.

    You can get the XCom2 collection now at 35.40$ CAD maybe 32$ USD or something.

    You have similar price on Uplay for Ubisoft games but of course not the 6$ money back. So Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six® Siege, Far Cry® 5, Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Wildlands and The Division are very cheap right now. (the DLCs also)

    Payday 2 VR included $5 ... was totally free for a time but...

    Killing Floor 2 if you don't have it...A lot of fun for $10

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    They changed the price of the XCOM 2 collection. Maybe an error. It was lower than buying all the dlc when owning the game. Too bad !!

    Still at $32 USD at

    But was $32 USD -$5 = $27 on Steam yesterday

    The game is way better with the War of the chosen DLC. It makes no sens to play this game without it since it is the same campain with new addition.
    Two other DLC with small content can be added later if you don't buy the collection edition. (Shen's last gift and Tactical legacy pack) Any other DLCs don't worth the price and are pretty useless in game.
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