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  • FORUM is BACK online!!

    After chatting with Wes via email, we discovered that the site had been hacked. Wes has removed the hacking, updated the vBulletin software, and the site seems to be back on line.
    There aren't many of us left, but those who are here, raise your hands and post!!!

    I'm still playing UT99, the SLV mod (actually the modern RX mod), and can provide anyone who wants to join in with server details.

    Hope to see the others of you who are out there post and let us know all is well.

    I'm off to post in the other areas, with updates on how I am doing, etc.............
    -= Duke =-
    The one and only

    Playing UT99 as FL_Man

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    Again! Oye vey! It's like 2009 all over again! (btw, wasn't me!)

    I've been playing some games with the LOB crew the last few Sundays around 8pm Eastern, usually UT2k4, Freon. It's been fun to catch up, even though we've lost a few folks from BITD.
    Where's my redeemer? INCOMING! I'M HIT! I'MA COMIN' BACK!
    Originally posted by Ranshackle
    I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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      Still playing UT99 when I get a chance, darn youngsters are kicking my butt!
      Politicians and diapers have one thing in common. They should both be changed regularly and for the same reason


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        Just started playing ut2k4 again. Can mainly only find onslaught games that have a good ping with people. I still can aim but keep getting ran over. I'd kill to a TAM or TDM match


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          Yeah, I've had a tough time too. Been playing a lot of Freon, which is TDM-oriented. Can drop a server or two your way if it's interesting.
          Where's my redeemer? INCOMING! I'M HIT! I'MA COMIN' BACK!
          Originally posted by Ranshackle
          I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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            Playing a little of this, little of that...

            COD: Modern Warfare, Divinity Original Sin 2, Mortal Shell beta, Sekiro.


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              I play mostly PUBG, L4D2 and UT4 with the Unreal Carnage group when the mood strikes me.

              Oh - also was diagnosed with a brain tumor (glioblastoma - stage 4) in late January. I had nearly 9 hours of awake brain surgery so they could take out as much as they could - well over 90% of it.

              Been through radiation and round #1 of chemo. On round #2 now - 5 days of chemo pills every month at a higher dose than round #1. Side effects are tolerable.

              I had my first checkup now that I'm 2 months into round 2 - doc was very pleased - tumor hasn't grown at all in the last 2 months which is very good. Trusting in the docs and the science - so far so good. Oh - I also wear pads on my head nearly 24/7 that emit EM radiation into the tumor area to stop the tumor from growing. Had to shave my head for that - so that's different. Seems to be working as advertised so very much worth it.
              My Neuro-Oncologist is a geek for this stuff - you can hear it in his voice when he talks. I've got the right guy leading my team

              I feel very much 100% myself. Crappy reaction times in games, etc. (hahaha) The year 2020 can bite my ass!

              I'ma be 'round for a loong time yet!


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                I'm glad to hear it's under control. This country really needs to put some funding into cancer and heart research.