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Crashed boot drive

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  • Crashed boot drive

    Just spent a few hours trying to get a machine running for a friend. His 256G SSD just stopped working. We rooted around online and made a windows boot disk with the "recovery" option.

    I took out the SSD and put in the new one, we booted from the USB drive, got the menus, were asked "what drive do you want to install to", selected it and kept getting an error.

    We tried several modes, but none seemed to work.

    Finally I decided to partition and format the drive, but I did not hit "quick". Since it was from a command prompt, there was no way to stop once started. After an hour or so I had to leave.

    He called MS and told them about it and they said they will activate the Windows 10 if he could prove that the old drive died. I do not know HOW he can do that, but lets just say he can.

    Does anyone have any other links/clues? I told him if he could find the reg code for a windows 7/8 install, there are ways to upgrade that to 10 for free, but I do not know if he still has those codes.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Also, looking at the new editor... Is there any way to subscribe to the thread to get (or not get) notifications? I remember this used to be an option on the thread, not a general option for the profile.

    Thanks again!

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    of man, that is awful