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  • app for home renovation

    I was wondering if anyone could recommend an app so that i can simulate of what a deck would look like on my house?

    i've heard of home improvement apps where you can simulate of what renovations would look like in a house. was trying to see if those same apps work for outside decking?

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    I was looking for one when I wanted to expand my deck 2 years ago. I couldn't find one and ended up I used FEAR's game engine to build my deck. I even walked around and jump around on it to check on the perspective views.

    Of course, learning any mapping engine is no easy task. I just happened already made lots of maps in FEAR before that.


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      I have a copy of Better Homes and Gardens' Home Builder program (whatever it may be called, it's v6.0), and I also have another one called Punch! Home Pro Design or something. But I'm not sure either one will do exactly what you're looking for, I tried to use it just to do landscaping plans, and that wound up being a real joke, so I can only guess about decks!!.

      Reality is, you'd probably be better served to do something like what Wes did.
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        or, if you're just looking for some software to create different decks and see what they look like, you could try google's sketch-up program. it takes a some getting used to for more advanced stuff (then again, I'm not the greatest graphics artist type person), but i've used it for building coffee tables and it's worked out pretty well.

        but ideally, yeah, it would be nice to take a picture of your house, then have whatever program use that picture as the basis.
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          If you know CAD, you could use that as well. I looked at AutoCAD years ago, from what I remember, mapping in game seems to be easier. lol


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            lol ok right on. thanks for the recommendations.


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              which one of those programs would be good for recreating my living room and adding different furniture and paint schemes?