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Painting my apartment...want to see it on my comp first

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  • Painting my apartment...want to see it on my comp first

    Ok, I was using photoshop to just try to sample the colors for my walls using a picture of my apartments living room.

    But that doesnt give the best accuracy on color.

    Anyone have any photoshop tips or paint program recommendations?

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    Easiest thing would be to get some paint samples, hang them on the wall on a swath, then take a photo of the room (no flash, ambient lighting, and adequate exposure).

    You can then take whatever swath you like and use it as a blend on another layer to get the color to match where your swath is, but be darker or lighter elsewhere depending on the lighting in the room....

    If you want to be sure, you can hang the swaths in a darker area and take a second shot to calibrate (make sure that the shadows match what your paint would look like IN that shadow...)



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      thing is, lighting changes the colors considerably compared to the chip. my MIL is a big interior designer down in south FL, and i didn't buy into that thing. but after having her pick the colors for our place, then seeing the other colors people typically pick on their own, it's very clear that people don't understand the concept that light plays on paint colors. your paint on your wall will never be monotone, and, chances are, if you think it's a good color on a swatch, it's going to be too dark/saturated for your walls. those colors you find paint chips for that looks washed out or you can hardly tell there is a color wind up making the largest impact. it's very interesting.
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        shifty is exactly right.

        Which is why I rely on photoshop more than the swatch. I use the dropper in PS to get the color of the swatch (from the website) and then use an overlay filter combined with opacity and a shader or two to mimic the imperfections of the wall and to get it a real as possible without doing a simple paint bucket drop.

        it is however tedious


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          Um, I would still recommend putting the swatch up on a section of wall as a guide.

          The color sample you have in your hand is not what that color will look like on any particular swath of your wall unless you have perfect lighting.

          What I was recommending, and I don't know if you guys knew what I was saynig, is that the swaths themselves are not perfect (like what you were going on about) but you will get a good base to work with by taking that color and physically applying it to a wall section.

          Now if you have a good idea of the relative darkness of the rest of the walls in the room in comparison to that point, you have a start point. to get the color gradient (or scale rather) of the effect of the shadow on the color itself, put the swath in a different lighted corner. With some experimentation, you should be able to get a monochrome filter to imitate the shadow gradient and make the "perfect" swath match the two in-situ swaths.....

          Just a thought.


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            best thing to do that i can think of is what DA is already doing; only i would take the swatch, scan it, add 10%-20% white, then mask the wall with the color and use lighting to mimic any can or flood lights or laps you have laying around.

            i am really surprised that none of the major paint brands (Behr, Glidden, Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, etc.) have a tool like this. Even Ikea has a tool at their site that lets you create a room, place furniture in it, and mimic what you could make your living space into with their stuff. Paint places should do the same.

            I would recommend Google Sketchup

            That's the best I think I can do you for that's relatively simple, but dunno what you'll do with the colors shy of scanning the paint chip into photoshop, getting the ASCII paint code, and using that in Sketchup to paint the walls.
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              ? tried any of those?
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                behr used to have one....literally a month ago.
                but to upload your own photo, you needed to pay asmall subscription fee.

                I no longer see that option


                Ah! I forgot about BM! maybe thats what i was thinking about and not Behr.