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    I'm upgrading my old iPhone. Anyone has experience on turning an old un-sub iPhone to an iTouch? Basically, just for games and stuff.
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    oh, nvm. I don't have to do anything.


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      Wow.. that's awesome!
      Ha-Ha! Made Ya Read!


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        Here, here is an FAQ that I tossed together with the help of a friend, it should answer a lot of questions for folks 'round here

        Should you just buy a phone at the Apple Store and unlock it using any of the various apps (if yes, which is recommended)?

        I don't think there's a "legal" option available to unlock an AT&T-branded iPhone. They supposedly now sell them without a contract. You'd need to ask at the local Apple Store if their location will sell an iPhone w/o the cellular contract, otherwise you'll need to shop on eBay from a reputable seller (99% or greater feedback score for safety's sake). I don't if "no contract" means they're unlocked, and I suspect they are probably locked to AT&T. Still, we're talking $600 or so to buy one flat-out. To unlock it, you'll obviously need to "jailbreak" it. "Jailbreak" is a generic term used for unlocking the phone, effectively releasing it from the "jail" (single provider) it's being confined to. For technical overview of jailbreaking, see:

        The only software they should be using to jailbreak the iPhone after purchase is either 'PwnageTool' or 'QuickPwn', both of these apps are developed by the iPhone dev team and they should ONLY be download idrectly from their respective sites. The 3G version of the iPhone was a bit more complicated to develop jailbreak software for, as it took longer to get the unlock working, but it's been a go since January of this year. I know a 1st generation (non-3G) iPhone is cake to unlock and that's the main reason Carrie and I have kept ours. Still, it might not be too bad for the 3G; just be sure to follow their instructions:

        Now, you can get unlocked iPhones in France but they're not cheap - EUR600, if I remember right. Caveat: You can only unlock your phone after 6 months of your contract by contacting your French carrier.

        Are there situations that the phone may re-lock itself (updates, connecting w/iTunes, etc.)?

        The iPhone has no OTA (over the air) updating routine. Updates have to be done via USB (by attaching the phone to your computer) and by clicking "update phone software" so no danger in messing it up unless one has twichy fingers.

        On a Mac, OS 10.5.6 introduced a bug in the USB kernel extension that messed with the jailbreak process so they need to either use a Mac running 10.5.5 or lower or to downgrade the kernel extensions (as indicated in "Fixing DFU mode on 10.5.6" on the link above) and then jailbreak the phone. After that, there should be no problem. I'm running 10.5.6 now. (As a side note, 10.5.7 is about to come out and they might fix they whole thing.. Who knows).

        Still, as for the phone "locking itself". I don't think that's possible.

        Will the phone ever "brick" (render inoperable) due to a software update on a unlocked phone, have you heard of this happening before?

        Yes, I've heard of people bricking their phone but it was either a long time ago (when the whole jailbreak-thing was pretty new) or probably people who didn't follow instructions and did stupid stuff purposely.

        Is there some place to buy them in Europe pre-unlocked at a reasonable fee, and if yes, would they have an alternate language pack?

        Not that I know off (unless $500+ is reasonable) .

        As far as I know, the software includes all languages and carrier data settings where the iPhone is officially deployed.

        Any other tidbits you can help clear up?

        What is the goal of having an iPhone? Is it just to use data, to make / receive calls or both? Is it for national or international use?

        If it's for use long-term, the issue is you'll have to continue doing the jailbreak everytime a software update is released (or you could just run the current version for the life of the phone but 3.0 is going to bring some cool stuff to the table).

        AT&T's "affordable" international data rates get you 100MB / mo for about $120 so that might be worth the trouble. Unlike Verizon, I don't believe AT&T prorates that amount so you pay less if you're only there for a fraction of the month.

        For my woman and I, it's worth it as we spend months in Europe and Orange offers a prepay plan with EUR9 for 400MB data / mo which is more than plenty on a 1st gen iPhone. We could also set up each other's numbers to give us unlimited calls / SMS but we really hardly used the phone. I spent about EUR100 in 4 months over there (and I'll have EUR20 left for when I got back in May).

        One interesting thing I noted when upgrading the phone from 2.2 (jailbroken) to 2.2.1: I had the Orange SIM in the phone when I did the upgrade (the official way, via iTunes). Because I don't have an official AT&T contract, normally I finish the update, boot the phone and then it complains that it needs to connect to iTunes. It is here that I perform the jailbreak to fake the activation - I think this depends on what the upgrade involved - but in the 2.2.1 case, it just booted back up with no problem. I didn't have to sync or even jailbreak it to continue using the phone. To make matters even more confusing, I landed in the US 2 weeks ago and popped my AT&T SIM in there with no problem. I don't know what that means but somehow the unlock survived the upgrade because I haven't jailbroken the phone since putting 2.2.1 on it.
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