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  • Memory problems ever?

    Hey guys. Recently I installed an extra 2G on my system. I know that W32 only can handle something like 3.25, but a lot of places do not sell you ONE stick of memory, but this was compatible (same as my other two sticks) and relatively cheap.

    I have been getting a LOT of crashes now, most likely due to heat. Oddly enough, this sometimes happens when I am not even running anything more than, say, a browser. If I do not take the side off the machine, even though it is a Lian with front, back, side AND top fans, it goes bonk after a few hours (or 30 minutes on some more involved games).

    I remember running memtest on it a while ago, and I was getting a lot of errors until I reseated the memory, but I ran a batch last night, for about 8 hours with the case cover off and got no errors (after 800% run...). I am wondering a few things.

    1. Is this heat?
    2. Is the heat being generated in excess because of proximity, or is it because of increased traffic to the additional memory.
    3. Last night, I removed a stick and got down to 3G, THAT is what ran fine all night. Could this be a problem with software/hardware memory addressing?
    4. I had no problem with overclocking to 300Mhz (bumping from 266, making the E6600 go from 2.4 to, I think 2.7Ghz, and the memory clock at 1.25 making it 750 mhz I believe, it is 800 ram.... I don't know if it was at 1.33 to get 800, but I can heck to see if that is possible.). I thought maybe reducing the load would help, so everything went back to stock (266, 1:1 ratio, etc) and it seemed OK, until it crashed again last night with nothing but Zombie Panic running windowed. Do you think the OC would effect this?
    5. Do you think the memory or another nearby component may be damaged from all this crashing?
    6. Could the heat from the memory be causing another component, such as the vid card below it or one of the MB components, overheat and fail?

    I would just like to figure out what is causing this so I can put the cover back on. I will also let you know if i have any more problems with 3G rather than 4...

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    use it on each individual stick. You could very well have a bad one


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      i'm sorry, what were you saying?
      Originally posted by Ranshackle
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        Lemme translate.

        Memory added. Memory bad?

        Machine go "poof".

        Machine get hot, no longer make machine go EXTRA fast, just normal fast.

        Can machine be having problems talking to parts? Or just get lazy and need ciesta?


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          If you memtest each stick and all is good you could try to memtest 1 good stick in each slot(could be a bad slot). If each slot is good, the Northbridge could be getting too hot.

          Do you have any blue screen info on the crashes?
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            Wait, what were we talking about again?
            Originally posted by Ranshackle
            I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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              They say that memory is the SECOND thing to go!!
              Too bad NH can't remember what was the first....
              NH, try to remember so that we can help you!
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              Ha-Ha! Made Ya Read!


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                Thanks for the help.


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                  Hey! I tried...
                  When you girls are done kissing, I've got some asskicking for you!


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                    The wasn't for you.....