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  • DVR Security - Wes?

    Ok, so after much experience, I do not like the stand alone DVR's. They are cute for quick setups, but I like the controls of a windows based system.

    I need an 8 channel DVR card, but was wondering does it matter which type of card? If I get a cheap one, will it be a problem if the quality of the camera is above standard? (above 550 lines I think)

    Any recommendations?

    Also, as this is a DVR security system, would it be ok to use a shuttle tower or should I go normal mid-sized?
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    Size of the computer shouldn't matter since those cards are only half size.

    Most of those cards kinda lie about the frame rates. They add all the channel's framerate together and call it 240 fps or whatever.

    The cards that I tested all support mpeg4 and/or x.284 (or whatever those latest one is). However, the quality is just as poor as any. I guess for a couple of hundred bucks for realtime encoding, you just can't expect too much.

    I do have a couple of better 550 lines or whatever camera that cost about $500-$600. If you watch them live, they are quite good. But after the DVR card, it looks like the old youtube quality.


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      so if i buy a $145 camera and the quality live looks great, your saying the basic $250 card will make it look like crap once encoded?

      just did some quick research and was reading up on hardware compression DVR cards. Apparently you wont lose frame rates and the card will compress the video itself, not the CPU.

      This website explained it along with what you said about the fabled "fake" 240 fps.

      Are you able to recommend something that would handle 5 or 6 cameras (2 with 550+ lines) reasonably well without killing the wallet?
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        I have not tested any more expensive cards and see how well they encode stuff. i don't quite willing to "test" it with more money on the card though.