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    I notice Dreamhost offers this as one of their one-click installs. Dr.Death, is it you that is always touting phpBB? Is anyone else using it?

    Feedback on phpBB, anyone?

    Also, how comparable is it to vBulletin?

    Just curious. I'm thinking about co-hosting another domain on my Dreamhost account, would like to avoid buying vB if phpBB is free and a good not-hacked-often choice.
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    Dr.Death, is it you that is always touting phpBB?

    I have administered a few forums, and of the free ones, I heartily endorse Simple Machines ( Loads of features, tons of skins and themes, billions of add-ons, and diligent security updates. With phpBB's stock security features I was getting tons of spammers. I had to upgrade and customize a few things to stop them. With SMF, I get maybe half a dozen spammers a year. And the SMF board has 100x more traffic than the phpBB one.

    SMF has a "web install" feature that is almost as easy as the one-click control panel installs, although I have not used it (manual installs on WIMP* machines.)

    *WIMP - "Windows, IIS, MySQL, PHP"
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      Hey Shifty - your best bet would be to install and play with it.

      I have admin'd phpBB, vB, SMF mainly. I highly prefer vB. I am running SMF on my old guild website right now and I am not real thrilled with it. It works and it gets the job done, but vB did it better. I only switched so I could have a better "portal/forum" integration - but I never really did anything with the portal side.

      phpBB used to be pretty lacking in the configuration side of things. SMF doesn't seem to have much more.

      SMF does have a ton of mods and such for it though.

      That didn't really help did it?
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