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    I could really appreciate your help on this.

    I just started a site:

    I am using Joomla as the main page proggie and WordPress for the blog section (put a /blogs on the original addy).

    Any opinions on any other shareware that could be used to make life easy?

    I am already known as a vociferous individual that posts a lot that people argue about, time to stop being a patsy and make my own site that does whatever I want with it.

    The goal is eventually having editorials, blogs, forums and other linkages to things like my photos, musings and other random ramblings of a (near) 40 year old.

    Eventually, things like game, movie, book, anime and TV reviews would be welcomed from any out there willing to put more effort into it than we do on a normal posting.

    With any luck, it may turn into something. If not, you all will just have a comfy place to take an internet crap.

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    Well if you want a forum I recommend Simple Machines (best free forum out there IMO.) However Joomla should have forum modules and so forth that will integrate with whatever theme you pick.

    For photo galleries, I like Gallery 2 better than Coppermine.

    OTOH, I've seen cases where people got frustrated with Joomla. Wordpress does a decent job of creating a themed site all by itself. You may want to consider just starting with that. Then you can spend more time writing and less time designing the site.
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      All I know is that StopForumSpam, which is used to identify known spammers by searching on their IP, username or email, is up in arms over some spam-blocking plugin for Wordpress. More info on their front page:

      Attention WordPress Users
      We have become aware of a module for WordPress that is abusing what we provide here, for free.

      The "AVH First Defense Against Spam" (versions 2.2 as below) plugin is the sole abuser of this website in checking every connection before any content is served.

      This website is here to provide access to IP/username and email information for when users register or post messages/comments and NOT as a general IP firewall.

      If you use this module and your blog starts to appear in our daily top 20 API users, then you can expect to find your host banned. This will slow your blog and webserver down as it attempts to connect to the API.

      You have been warned !!!
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        I recently did a very similar thing Ninja (creating my own web space), mainly to create a place where I can practice ASP.NET but also as a place to keep my friends and family up to date on life as I despise Facebook and Myspace (incidentally the name of my wordpress page is FaceMyBookSpace, Twit).

        I started with WordPress and have now added Simple Machines and use their calendar function as it's a great way to coordinate my schedule with my friends and fiance. At this time it's currently open to the world, but as I get better at ASP.NET I plan on making it restricted to those I know through a login process.
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