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  • Website font question

    If you wanted to use a non-windows standard font for a website, would that cause a visitor to have to download the font?
    Or will the persons browser default to another font?

    OR will the font install in the background without anyone knowing and be viewed correctly <- i doubt that

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    i believe you can specify a few fonts that you want to use. If none available, it'll back to the default replacement fonts.


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      Typically, you specify a list of font families, in order from more specific to more general, like so:

      font-family: Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;

      The Georgia is a Windows specific font. If some computers don't have it, they will next try Times New Roman, another Windows-specific font. (It is in quotes because it's a multi-word name with spaces.) Next , Times will be tried, and if all that fails, the generic serif font will be used.

      If you REALLY need a specific look, then you are left with putting the font in a graphic. Be sure to use the alt= property in the image tag so that search engines can index the text, especially important if it's an image for a link, or part of the logo for a company.

      More info on style sheets and font families:
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        geat info