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    So im looking to build a DVR PC for security.

    I have read that geovision has the best product, but the card is pricey at $500 AND it's not hardware compression based.

    Anyone have any suggestions for a DVR card? I am looking to use 6 cameras with the possibility for expansion.

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    I got a few of those cheap 8-ch ones that cost a little over $100 off ebay. They all works the same. It's hardware compression, but the quality is so-so. Haven't got a chance to try the more expensive ones.


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      So you mean to attach to cameras that you place around your home?

      I've been looking into doing the same (if the same is the above) and was looking at this little package:

      It only has 4 channels but I don't have a huge house (1600sq ft) and four would be adequate to monitor everything I would want to. But if you come up with a cheaper, better solution, I'd be interested in hearing about it as $400 is still pretty steep.
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        actually, it's for a business and we are trying to cut costs as much as possible. And since I have my old desktop collecting dust, i wanted to put it to good use.

        Those Qsee packages are all over costco and are good for basic home starter kits. The cameras are cheap, but as long as you dont need more than 10ft of distance covered, you are fine.
        What I/we dont like is the playback process. It works moreso like an old VCR. The cards like geovision let you scan just like windows media player (drag the progress bar).


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          Check out this card:

          If you want to go SUPER cheap, you can get USB capture devices for about $50.00 each (Pinnacle DVD Recorder as an example.) Plug one (or two) of those into your PC. I'm not sure exactly what software they come with, it's mostly just for recording old video tapes to files. We don't use the software, just the drivers. If you want fancy features like motion detection recording and zone-based motion sensing (can highlight a particular area of the screen and detect on just that,) then a specialized security DVR program is needed. Then, for multiple cameras, add an $80.00 quad processor (available on line or from E-bay.) These will show 4 cameras in a 4-up window, or sequence them full screen, or show individual cameras. You would need two if you want more than 4 cameras.

          Getting more sophisticated, they make video multiplexers, that record to VCR or to DVR. These show 4 or 8 cameras in monitor view, but the VCR output is multiplexed so you see all 8 cameras all the time at full screen (at reduced frame rates.)

          As far as cameras go, there are 3 types: wired CCTV, wireless CCTV, and IP cameras. The cheap quad processors that I mentioned above use CCTV cameras. Wireless is easy to set up, BUT it uses the 2.4GHz band that wireless routers and cordless phones use. You can get transmitters and receivers in different bands, but they are more expensive. Some wireless receivers include a built-in switcher that can sequence up to 4 cameras. IP cameras can be wired or wireless also. They just take up an IP address on your private network. Make sure the cameras you get are compatible with your other equipment. Because of this, it's sometimes easier to just get a package.

          As always, Google is your friend, but once you have narrowed your choices some, I can help more with individual links.
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            Looks like it is identical to the one that I'm using. Same chipset and all. Of course I got the "clone" one from ebay, and it was shipped from HK for about $110-$150.


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              in the end, we decided to go with this

              it was on sale and came out to be the same price as the lone card itself.
              Seems these stand alone DVR's improved a bit, so i am taking a chance. We already bought 6 cameras from Canal street along with the power supply and 500ft of wiring for a pretty damn good price.


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                If you want to, let me know how that goes DA, one of my clients just requested a security setup today and I'm looking at options for them.

                This is what I initially found:

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                For all the reasons to smile, 'for the hell of it' has always been my favorite.