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Wow, Apple is the real evil empire

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  • Wow, Apple is the real evil empire

    Really apple?

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    Interesting that engadget invites ppl to comment on problems with apple products... but no one has done that yet!
    Ha-Ha! Made Ya Read!


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      well, since they saw apple deleting threads AND since they did test this defect out, they figured there needs to be a place that wont get censored in a biased way.
      Mind you, engadget doesnt hate apple. They love the iphone4 sans the bad antenna


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        Apple deleting stuff off their own forums is equivalent to you snipping stuff you don't approve of out of YOUR copy of the NY Times.

        Evil empire indeed!
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          Not really.

          The point is not that they were snipping things out that had no relevance, but that they were cutting out all things that could possibly give them bad press.

          It would be like the NYT having an Editorial section where no admonishing editorials of the writers or any of their stories or positions were allowed. Only the "good" stuff.

          Some of the comments were probably just bashing Apple (typical), but word is they deleted all comments.

          I have seen several articles on PCworld about that, and they tend to be rather applehappy.....


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            apparently apple will have a news conference Friday about the iphone antenna.

            i wonder what the spin will be.


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              That they tried their best on what was a minor engineering problem and that the Apple User means more to them than XXX YYY.

              They will probably drop the price/give a $30 rebate or something. The real money they make is though their cut of the service cost and the Apple Store anyway.


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                More news. And testing!


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                  MY point is that doing that in any form doesn't stop the bad press. The Internet is not like a newspaper at all, where typically a person chooses one and accepts that as their news source. If one site won't allow certain material, there are dozens or hundreds of others that will. The rest of the world is still getting the information, as it would if you censored your own copy of your newspaper. Then you are the only one in the dark.

                  Apple would be better served by allowing the commentary and responding to it, rather than trying to hush it up.
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                    The reality is that Apple likely wants to deflect at least some of the initial backlash AT&T will face for reporting the signal bars without any concessions. Concessions that used to make coverage look better than it really is.
                    exactly what i have been saying in other forums. It's so obvious that apple purposely fudged the signal bars to make it show from the very first iphone that the reception rocked. Now that an even bigger and more obvious problem appeared, they "found" an issue and "fixed" it as to offset the dramatic effect of full bars to no bars when held wrong.

                    So now when you hold it "wrong" and you lose the signal, it's more like you lost 2 bars instead of the whole 5.

                    with the new update, I now have a solid 2 bars at home when it used to be 5. I still get the same amount of dropped calls...shocker.


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                      engadget is doing a live blog of the apple conference now.

                      and wow, look at the BS fly!

                      double tap to dodge this one!!

                      10:37AM "So the heart of the problem is, smartphones have issues, and we made it easy to exploit the issue by showing people where to hold the phone to cover the antenna. But the data supports the fact that the iPhone 4 is the best smartphone in the world, and there is no Antennagate... there is a challenge for the entire smartphone industry to improve its antenna technology so there are no weak spots. So today we're going to try and take care of our customers."
                      I didnt know they showed that to us. I could have sworn multiple people discovered this, posted it online and then apple told us we were holding it the wrong way. What they showed us was the "correct" way to hold a phone.

                      I also believe he is confusing "best" with "popular". There is a huge difference.
                      Also, I am not able to make any bars go down on my friends droid or my BB storm. sooo.... yeah

                      10:56AM Q: Will the refund include third party cases?
                      A: There's a very small number of third party cases out there. So no.
                      Q: Well it's interesting, there aren't any cases out there, and it's hard to get cases now. If the third party case buyers can produce a receipt, why not give them one?
                      Steve: It's really simple, if we tell people what our next product is, they stop buying our current products. Sometimes websites buy stolen property and they get out there... and case makers have a history of showing off their new cases for our new products. The case vendors haven't had a history of helping to keep our work under wraps.
                      I'm laughing at my brother for that one lol
                      Let me fix Steve's sentence:
                      It's really simple, you didn't spend $30 on our case to fix a problem we caused, so F-you
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                        Actually, it is more like:

                        "We will not tell you if we are fixing anything because we still want you to buy the old broken one. If you have problems buying one of OUR covers because they are expensive or out of stock, you are NOT allowed to buy someone elses because they probably stole it from us and we made no money."

                        What he should have said is simple. "Although we sympathize with users that had a problem with the phone, we cannot offer a refund on something they did not buy from us. If they bought something from us to correct our problem, then we will give the money back, but we are not in the buisness of giving other companies money for our products and 'product solutions'".

                        Not as gracious (or fallacious) as his actual response, but much more strait forward.

                        He sounds more like a politician than a CEO/Innovator/"Leader".....


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                          The solution:

                          Give your iPhone to your 5-year-old and buy an Android phone.
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                            I have one son with an iphone and one with a Droid.... Listening to them argue about who has the better phone is hilarious!!! I don't think either one of them has won yet.

                            I'm due for a phone upgrade in August and am seriously confused about which phone to buy. Hopefully there will be some iphones in stock by then if that's the way I decide to go...
                            Ha-Ha! Made Ya Read!


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                              You have the best platform for decision-making. Play with both phones and decide for yourself which one:

                              1) is easier to learn and use
                              2) will let you do what you envision your uses for the phone will be
                              National Sarcasm Society
                              "Like we need your support."