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Cannot install Office 2K7....

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  • Cannot install Office 2K7....

    Quick help question techies.

    I am trying to un0install a trial version of Office from my wife's laptop. I THINK I have gotten it all, but I am not sure.

    Reason why? Every time I start up the new install of Office 2K7 (Enterprise) I get a message telling me it can't find OfficeMUI.msi (it is asking for a directory).

    I give it the directory it is in, but it rejects it and asks again. It does not matter how many times I do it, or if I remove ALL the programs but, say, Excel from the installation, it still looks for the Outlook file, balks, and shuts down.

    Any clue on what to do?


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      delete that file. reinstall 2k7.
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        Delete it from what?

        I am assuming you maen the laptop, but I do not think it is on there.

        The copy of 2K7 I have is on a USB key which others have had no problems with so far (work).

        Thanks Shift. I will look, but if this does not work, are there any other suggestions?


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          If you are running an install of Office from a flash drive, you will need to install Office FROM THAT COMPUTER onto the flash drive. Reason is that there are tons of registry entries on that computer that need to point to the flash drive installation. You might be able to get away with a repair, but I'm not sure about that. You may not get the repair option if Office 2k7 has never been installed on that computer.
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            Opposite DD. I have the install proggie on the flash and I want it to go to the computer (although having it on the flash would be kind of handy.....)

            I am just playing it stupid right now and trying a simple install and Windows, as usual, keeps asking for a file it already has, right where it is looking for it.


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              Originally posted by shifty View Post
              delete that file. reinstall 2k7.
              Um, again... Where? I did a search, there is no msi


              The drive HS the MSI, but I cannot install it. It keeps saying it needs the file....

              Any help is appreciated!