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Win 7 on neweeg for $179

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  • Win 7 on neweeg for $179

    pretty good deal.
    i almost bit it too... but I cant see myself spending that much on an OS.

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    Home Premium OEM at 99.99 will be good enough for my next build. ^.^
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      Home premium is really nice too. I've gotta say, I've grown incredibly fond of 7 Ultimate.
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        whats your say on Win 7 ultimate vs Vista Ultimate(sp2)?


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          Uhm, my say is, I hated Vista with a passion, and didn't last till SP2.

          All I can tell you is, I've dealt with Vista machines up till SP1, and they were dog-ass slow, and had so many annoying features I wanted to **** it.

          Doesn't really exist in 7. 7 Looks more like Vista, but feels more like XP.

          W7 is fast! Even on slow hardware.
          Hardly any annoying popup/safety features at all.
          Limitations and restrictions aren't prevalent.
          Have not had a single BSOD/driver problem as of yet - and I've run all the RC's and several Betas.
          Originally posted by Ranshackle
          I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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            really? well, theres a glowing review for the masses.

            still gonna wait till i can find a better price


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              you want a copy of the RC with a key? i have the iso downloaded from MS, along with several keys. 32-bit and 64-bit.
              Originally posted by Ranshackle
              I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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                no thank you

                im still in debate on whether to stay with what i have for now and let MS work out the kinks first.

                I'm also looking to do the upgrade version since you are able to do a complete wipe.
                The upgrade should be cheaper than the retail....but not by much.

                wish i knew someone in MS so icould buy it for $45 lol
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                  The "RC"?

                  I was interested in trying this out, actually being able to use the full 64 on my E6600 duo, but paying minimum $100 for an OS for a machine that is still working.....

                  RC = Review Copy?


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                    Release candidate. Valid until next June.
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                      I'm using the 32 bit version exclusively. No problems at all.

                      Now the 64 bit version was another story... Too many driver conflicts and lockups.


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                        I thought a full version was too much to hope for!

                        And not a working 64 to boot? Double downer...


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                          How many times do we need to tell hedge what an RC is? Second time you've asked, bud. RC *is* the full version dude. Jebus, wtf? It's not the final release version, but it's good until next June, hopefully when prices will be down, and it is still constantly updated, etc.

                          64-bit RC is running flawless on the media PC I just built for the office, no hangups, no lockups, no crashes. Here are the specs for the box. That's my public wishlist - only thing I bought elsewhere was a Silverstone TOB02 blu ray drive.

                          Also had 64-bit (beta, not RC) running on a custom built rig with an Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe mobo. No BSODs. No lockups. Worked like a champ.

                          I'm running 32-bit exclusively at home on my Dell D620 laptop. Operating flawlessly as well. No bluescreens.

                          I have yet to have a bad experience with Windows 7. Seriously. If Epic would have done this well with changing up UT3 after the failures of UT2003/4, I wouldve been all over it.
                          Originally posted by Ranshackle
                          I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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                            shift man, pardon for being confused when you say it is the real thing, only it expires.

                            To me, that aint the real thing and makes it hard for me to remember it as such.

                            /me shrugs.

                            I hope they have some sense and lower the prices on this sucker. It IS the OS, not any app software (really). It would eb nice to be abel to run your machine w/o having to pay someone ELSE to get it running.....


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                              I too love W7! I pretty much skipped Vista altogether. I tried it way back and immediately had issues of one kind or another and just bagged it. W7 on the other hand is a different story. I ran the betas and the RC and pre-ordered W7 Pro upgrade for $99. Downloaded and installed it a few days after release and it's been running flawlessly (64bit btw). Granted, a fresh install of any OS always feels great. But since I ran all the betas and RCs and dumped all kinds of software on them and they kept chuggin right along, I have a feeling W7 will retain that 'new install smell' for a longer period of time.
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