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  • deals.woot ?

    Via TechCrunch comes word that the Woot folks have launched a new site called

    According to the site:
    A place where wooters can share the latest intel about what’s cheap and where. A way for savvy, opinionated wooters to turn their rhetorical fire on everybody else’s deals for a change. An ever-flowing fountain of ecommerce champagne. If you want to discover an amazing deal, or tell the world about one you found, or just talk specs and prices with your fellow cheapskates, Deals.Woot is your playground.
    It sounds something like, etc. with elements of Digg (ranking, "hot"-ness or whatever) added in.

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    interesting... will have to check it out!
    Ha-Ha! Made Ya Read!


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      Just saw this one on there:
      Mirror's Edge on Steam for $5.00.

      I enjoyed the game enough on XBox that its worth $5 to try it on PC too. Bought one for each of the kids too. (Happy St. Nick's Day, Mr. Feline!)


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        I was thinking of that, but I hate the jumpy games that make you restart if you fail a leap...... (One of the big complaints on the game was only checkpoint save...)