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Halloween, kids & stealth advertising!

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  • Halloween, kids & stealth advertising!

    So, I buy this bag of candy with a mix of things like smarties, and lollipops and these little colorful boxes. I put them in a halloween type bowl and leave them on my front steps. (so I don't eat more candy than I actually hand out to the kids)

    Kids come up to the house and I tell them to grab a handful of whatever they want. This woman comes up with her son and says "oh, tyler, grab some of the candy cigarettes for your father!" I'm shocked! I'm handing out candy cigarettes!!!

    So, I run out to look at the bowl and this other kid comes up with an orange mohawk, fake tatoos and army garb on. So, I tell him to grab what he wants. He grabs all but one of the little boxes. I open it, and sure enough... candy cigarettes!

    But, here's the thing... they say on them "Marvel Heroes - candy sticks", with a picture of a super hero on them! OMG! I thought advertising cigarettes to kids was illegal! But, they snuck them in this Halloween assortment pack so people wouldn't notice they were advertising for them! "Be a superhero! Smoke cigarettes!!!"

    Lucky for me, I'll only have a few parents who notice their kids got candy cigarettes, but I'm sure lots of other houses bought the assortment pack too. There weren't many left at the store when I got there. I feel used!!!
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