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    I think I'm great with both spatial and logic reasoning, I'm just concerned with a sedentary, low paying, auto-cad job. If I remember right that was one of Ninja's complaints.


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      Originally posted by Ninjahedge View Post
      TS I will ask my wife what is up (this weekend?). You in for daytime or early evening (any other and the kid...... well, you can guess).

      i will see what my woman says, i am leaving sunday to it would have to be sat


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        Roger Ten... I have no idea either. My wife seems to make plans for us and expects me to remember all of them no matter how long ago they were made............

        Saturday evening may be the best bet so far, but some of my plans are still in the air.

        Let me know when you know and I will do the same.


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          too hot for the city this week spent all out time on the shore. next time...
          i love nj btw


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            NP man. The weekends have been busy this summer!


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              I was let known the week before the 4th that "I am not a good fit" and that they "do not have enough work for me".....

              I wish I could say that I did not see it coming, but I was worrying about this for months as I was getting very few jobs to go out on.

              They did not say what it was, other than that I "pay too much attention to the detail" in the jobs that I do. IOW, they say they are looking for Structural Engineers, but that is not what they needed, and they did not have the money to train me to do otherwise.

              I let them know my wife had her contract expire (no renewal) on the 29th and they were nice enough to give me a few weeks to start looking. That kind of hurts. They said that my personality was fine, that I fit in that mold (odd, eh?) but not my skillset.

              It is downright depressing.

              That, and most of the jobs I have been looking at the past couple of weeks have all been facade/roof inspection and restoration. It is like nobody needs anyone to design anything anymore....

              This was a sign from the very beginning... back in college. My brain can do this kind of work in its sleep, but not the "general notes" and building code requirements (inspections, filing and such). And add to that that none of my friends were Structural Engineers. They bored the crap out of me.

              That should have been the clue that I was no a good fit for it, but since I was never popular to begin with it never registered as anything different than "normal".

              I need to find a job, and a skillset, that is in the market for streamlining things. I am constantly re-organizing the fridge at work and home to fit everything, trying to write programs in choppy edited generic VBS to make things run faster (macros), and I am always looking for that little extra thing that I can do that would save some time down the line.

              Maybe that is what I should look into.



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                I worked 4 months last year, and 4 the year before. You are not alone.

                My last job I was working 87 hours a week in a sweltering coffee bean plant (Maxwell House). I was let go because I wanted a weekend off. Florida is a right to work state, and you can be let go for anything. So yea, I scoff at the people that say unions are no longer needed.

                I know it has gotten hard, and beats you down as much as it does me. But, it will get better. I am fortunate that I have a wife that is carrying the burden.
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                  The things that worry me are not immediate.

                  We have savings, decent equity on the house, and the car is paid off.

                  But taxes are high, and I do not want to drop insurance with a 3(+) year old running around (that could easily costs thousands with a single emergency room visit).

                  I am sure my wife will find something fairly quickly. But I do not like having NO job security at this point. My parents went through MUCH worse, but that really does not make me feel any better.

                  The odd part is this. I was just starting to tell myself to stop worrying. It was already a year, if there was a problem, they would have called me in by now and had a "talk" to try to motivate me/change my direction/ask if I wanted to sacrifice some of my own time for training/etc.

                  They didn't. So this was like a bolt out of the blue.

                  My subconscious knew it months ago. It kept tweaking my insecurities.

                  What gets me is that unlike my previous termination, this is not a layoff (per se). They HAVE work, just nothing they feel comfortable giving to me.

                  the ultimate irony being, the things that they needed me to know, and what many other places are looking for, cannot be LEARNED without DOING them... which they did not want to waste money on.

                  They wanted, and needed, a pre-made leader that knew cost estimates and areas of permits and construction that I did not have, and that the people right above me were, quite frankly, lousy at teaching.

                  This was the friendliest sink-or-swim place I have been to, but they still chucked me in the water with a pair of fins and said "good luck!"

                  It would hurt less, ironically, if they were not so nice.


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                    PS, Oak, sorry to hear about the menial labor problems.

                    "Waaah! I lost my Senior Engineering Position!!!!!" and you got the short end of a very long stick...

                    Puts things in perspective a bit....


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                      I've had the same job for 13 or 14 years this passed May.

                      Sorry guys.
                      Where's my redeemer? INCOMING! I'M HIT! I'MA COMIN' BACK!
                      Originally posted by Ranshackle
                      I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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                        I know, it turned you from a reprobate to a Respectful Married Jewish Businessman.......

                        You still wearing ski caps to work?


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                          That sucks ninja =< Hope ya get a replacement soon and one where ya feel better about the job from the get-go. You said they are nice though, so perhaps they'll be helpful on being a good reference?

                          Ya mentioned a need for medical. If you, or anyone here for that matter, ever gets hard up for medical, go give UPS a try. Go to the nearest major hub. Each state should have at least a couple (and a bazillion small buildings). The hubs are always hiring, no one wants a physical job, so the turn-around rate is ever present and very high, even in this economy. Always need more butts in the seats. Hiring spikes right about now (july) through october. UPS is older than the great depression, so it has a history surviving economic downturns. Non-hub buildings have a skeleton crew compared to the hubs, so they still hire, but no where near as often, so they might be hard to get in to. HUB's are the safer bet. And of course, other states might be different than mine, but what I describe is how its been out here for over 10 years and from what I hear from transfers, many other states as well.

                          The medical takes a bit to kick in, but it covers you, your wife, your kids, full medical, dental, and vision. Plus a pension. And a good discount for UPS stock purchases (have to hold on to the stock for X months before selling though).

                          Down side:

                          Pay is crap though to start. Total crap. Plus union dues! It would be hard to find a job that pays less to begin with. Very hard. My state has the highest minimum wage of the country and it has caught up w/UPS starting pay, so UPS is literally the lowest paying job in my state now (minimum wage + you have to pay union dues). And the medical/etc... don't kick in for a year (it was 2 weeks to kick when i started, but the last contract pushed it out). But once it kicks in, it kicks in - in full. And part time is the only option to start, so crap hourly rate *and* no hours. It won't even be enough to put food on the table to start with and you can't even imagine how sore you'll be until your body adjusts to the physical nature of the job.

                          Each group of new hires at my building consist of 3-8 people, every 2 weeks, all year except that dead period after x-mas. And we're lucky if even one person stays after a full week outside of the training class. They do the training, work a full shift or two of real work, then never show up again. hehe. No notice or anything. Some of us believe UPS is secretly killing them.

                          Don't get me wrong, pay gets decent eventually, once ya go full time for a few years ya jump to max rate and ya can easily get close to 6 digits if you're willing to work some OT, not even counting pension/benefits. So well over 6 digits easily once you count those. But at my building it takes 5-6 years part time before you get a real chance at a full time position, but it varies from building to building and which full time position you are going for. Talk to the next UPS driver ya see for details on how long it takes to go full time in your local area.

                          The jobs are just part time to start though so it wouldn't even necessarily stop someone from continuing to look for other work if they just wanted the benefits and didn't care about the rest of it. And there's virtually no stress (not compared to real jobs), ya get paid to get a workout, and ya never ever take your work home w/ya, the second ya clock out you don't even think about work till you are clocking in again.

                          Heck, I have 2 degrees including a law degree, yet i work a physical job that has virtually no requirements to get in to it (have to be of age to work, able to lift 70 pounds, and that's it!). I get paid more than most of my lawyer friends i've stayed in touch with, have way more job security, guaranteed 8 hours a day, a pension, better benefits, and I'm never at home after work stressing about work, and I never have to work weekends, ever, and I can retire and collect my pension for life at retirement age. . . or if I want, when the # of years I've worked there and my age = 80, which will be when I'm 54, 15 years from now.

                          Point is, don't overlook the labor jobs. Most are crap. But hidden amongst them are some gems, and if you live near one, they are often very easy to get. If they have positions available and you don't need a walker to get around, you're hired!

                          Sorry if all that sounds like a sales pitch. The job really isn't ideal for most people, truth be told. Its just not what most people are looking for, especially since it starts out so horribly. But I like it. => In the very least it can be a 'if-worst-comes-to-worst' sort of thing, hehe.

                          Yeah AIM, right-to-work states are awful. I hate how in this country so many people are somehow convinced to vote against their own interests and rights, the very people hurt by a policy, voting for it thanks to some ideological viewpoint. The power of rhetoric. A corporation isn't a person. They are owned by stockholders. When they hire a lawyer to use his expertise to represent their collective interests and write up an employment contract to stick new hires with, they are doing what? They are hiring an expert to represent their collective interests in regards to an employment contract. They are collective bargaining! Everyone thinks that is ok when a corporation is doing it. Yet when the employees want to hire someone to represent *their* collective interests, in just the same way, to sit on the other side of that table from that lawyer, now its communism and evil and we must put a stop to it! lol.


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                            What if you do not look good in Brown.....

                            Or shorts!


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                              Originally posted by Ninjahedge View Post
                              You still wearing ski caps to work?
                              Even in the summer.
                              Where's my redeemer? INCOMING! I'M HIT! I'MA COMIN' BACK!
                              Originally posted by Ranshackle
                              I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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                                Originally posted by shifty View Post
                                Even in the summer.
                                Cool. (pun).

                                Seriously though.... It is just depressing. My attitude is completely wrong. Too much victim and not enough action, as always.

                                I am a lazy sot that goes around looking for ways to make the work day easier. Writing macros, getting templates, hell, even arranging the dishwasher on loadup so it is quicker to unload. All just so shave that few seconds, minutes, or hours off so I can do important things like play games at home or surf the net (at WORK!).

                                There have been times, and projects that I have put in the extra effort. Putting in consecutive (near) overnighters and the like, and it either burned me or just did not yield anything worthwhile (like having to redo the design, when I could have saved time, effort, and money just waiting a bit longer for the client to make up their mind). But most of the time I get by, and I know that needs to change.

                                As for this job... it did not feel "right" from the very first job description, but I figured I would have a go (and you all may know how I hated, HATED, my last job). Things clicked, and I liked the arrangement.

                                The work just stank.

                                And I was blind. I did not read the signs.

                                1. They announced all the slots they were looking for at the Monday Meetings, but never mentioned Engineer.

                                2. Looking at the job listings now, it seems like they have had one up for Structural Engineer for a while.

                                3. They told me about my "2 week notice" 3 weeks ago, but are being nice to allow me time to look... and lo-and-behold, a new engineer comes in the beginning of this week (just like another did the very week after another engineer was let go.

                                4. About a month ago, my managers attitude seemed so much more accepting. He knew then and figured it was easier to just deal than challenge it in the short term.

                                There was something I missed, that they never came out and told me. This company is looking for schoolers to train from the beginning, or someone that fits in w/o training later. they do not have the money to do otherwise. the jobs are too small, and I am too expensive to keep on to teach how to go down the side of a building on a 90+ degree day (what I am doing today).

                                I see the reasoning. Makes perfect sense, but it still hurts.

                                And makes me think I need to change something about myself in the process, as much as I want to curl in a ball and let it all magically fix itself.